Does Gamestop Price Match In 2022? (Yes, But It Depends On The Location)

GameStop, an American retailer of video games and consumer electronics, is located in Grapevine, Texas. They have nearly 4,816 stores in over 25 countries and are now one of the most important video game retailers worldwide.

They have struggled recently to adapt and make progress in the era of growing gaming technologies, which was made possible by the internet. Gamestop has reaffirmed its commitment to selling products through e-commerce.

Gamestop, like most e-commerce retailers has its own price matching policy. The details might not be as obvious as you think.

Gamestop Price Matches?

They do. However, GameStop has not yet announced a price matching policy. ScreenRant reports that GameStop has recently implemented a price matching policy at least for their in-store locations.

After GameStop stock plummeted in 2021, the company underwent a major leadership change. This marked a shift of direction that indicated an embrace of e-commerce for the gaming industry.

The company’s first step was price matching. GameStop introduced the policy in-store to its customers. They plan to extend this policy online in the next year.

What is price matching?

Price matching is the process of comparing a product’s cost with that of a competitor and then paying an additional amount via cash rebates or vouchers. This strategy is used by many companies to provide customers with the best value.

GameStop will offer a partial refund to customers who find the same product at a competitor, such as Target. These lower prices can be obtained by customers without having to visit another shop, website, or store.

What is GameStop’s price matching policy?

They have a list that they consider best practices to implement their price matching policy and system, even though it is not official and has not been extended to their online shop. Below is a list of criteria that can be used to match prices.

  • The product, including the game version, must be identical.
  • GameStop does not match the prices of digital and physical versions of a game.
  • The product must be in stock at both GameStops and competitors’ stores.
  • GameStop will not match prices with local vendors. Instead, it will price match only with credible large retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Target.
  • GameStop doesn’t price match or offer discounts, even Black Friday sales.
  • GameStop will not match prices with third-party vendors like those on Amazon and Walmart marketplace.

These terms and conditions must be met for any price match with GameStop. You will be disqualified from price matching with GameStop if you violate the policy.

GameStop Price Matches Online

GameStop currently does not match online prices. This included price matching at GameStop’s online shop with other Gaming Online Stores. They will be opening physical stores first, before expanding online in the future.

GameStop price matches Amazon?

GameStop cannot match Amazon’s product prices, mainly because Amazon’s prices can be inflated by the reseller market. GameStop’s price match is still new and could change in the future.

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GameStop price matches target?

GameStop will price match Walmart products for identical products. GameStop sells a wide range of electronic and gaming products. This makes price matching difficult.

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GameStop products are not available online and can only be matched in-store for a price match. They will match the lowest price for products that are at their base price, without any sales or discounts. However, they will only match prices against trusted competitors/game retailers, and not third-party or local retailers.

GameStop has made a shift to online shopping with the appointment new management. It is now only a matter of GameStop expanding its price match policy to include online shops.

For the best price match policy, contact your local GameStop. You never know what you might find! There are many ways to get a great deal.

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