Is Sam’s Club Gas Top Tier In 2022? (Find Out!) 

Walmart Inc. founded Sam’s Club in 1983. It was named after Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart. The company operates as a chain with 600 membership-only warehouse clubs located in 44 states. Sam’s Club outlets sell designer goods, apparel and electronics as well as food, meats, or our topic of discussion, gasoline.

You’re probably wondering if Sam’s Club gasoline is Top Tier certified if this is your first purchase.

Is Sam’s Club Gas Top Tier or Not?

The quality of gasoline at most gas stations is rated according to a Top Tier fuel performance system. Sam’s Club claims that the gasoline sold at its outlets is not Top Tier certified because they have not yet acquired the Top Tier license.

Sam’s Club’s website states that the gas they sell has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Customers can return any gas purchased from them and receive a full refund. This is a strong statement to show customers that they are confident in the fuel quality.

What is Top Tier Gas?

You might be asking, “What is Top Tier gasoline?” Top Tier gasoline is a trademark and license that recognizes the best gasoline and premier fuel performance. This body determines the performance and efficiency of gasoline used in consumer cars. Top Tier brands often have additives that improve fuel economy and engine health.

Top Tier gas was introduced by automakers in 2004 to regulate gasoline prices. It has been the standard since then.

The American Automobile Association found that Top Tier gas has a cleansing effect on automobile engines. It reduces engine valve deposits by 45 to 72 percent in a period of 5,000 miles.

This greatly improves vehicle preservation and efficiency. It is also why consumers have been encouraged to switch from regular gas to Top Tier gas in the past decade. Sam’s Club is at disadvantage when it comes to quality.

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What kind of gas does Sam’s club sell?

Sam’s Club has its own fuel stations and does not source their fuel from any oil company. They don’t disclose the type of fuel being sold, even though they say so. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Fire Protection Association, (NFPA), and other regulatory agencies, their gas meets the minimum fuel guidelines.

We do know that Sam’s Club is owned by Walmart and that Murphy USA, their long-time fuel supplier, has recently ended its ties with them in 2016. This means they are no longer a potential fuel supplier to Sam’s Club.

How does Sam’s Club Gas compare to other gas brands?

Sam’s Club Gas does not have Top Tier status, so their selling points are more about pricing, convenience and affordability. Sam’s Club’s membership model is responsible for low gas prices. Costco can’t even come close to matching their rates.

Sam’s Club memberships allow customers to take advantage of the discounts and perks that enhance the buying experience. Below are more details about the benefits of membership.

How do I buy gas at Sam’s Club

To purchase gas at Sam’s Club you must sign up to become a Sam’s Club Member. Sign up at Sam’s Club’s website or at any Sam’s Club station to become a Sam’s Club member. Sam’s Club members are prohibited from purchasing gas. Sam’s Club membership comes in two forms.

The Standard Personal/Business Sam’s Club membership costs 45$ per annum and includes the following perks.

  • Pickup at the curb is free
  • Same-day Delivery
  • Instant Savings
  • Sam’s Club Mastercard
  • Members-only fuel savings
  • Tire & Battery Centre
  • Complementary Membership

Sam’s Plus Membership

The Sam’s Plus membership costs $100 per annum and includes all the perks that the Standard Personal Sam’s club Membership has, plus these extra features:

  • Sam’s cash for PLUS
  • Sam’s Club Products eligible for free shipping
  • Sam’s Club Pharmacy Savings
  • Sam’s Club Optical Savings

After you have received your Sam’s Club membership, it is time to find a Sam’s Club fuel centre using the Sam’s Club Locator and drive to the nearest fuel station. To purchase gasoline from Sam’s Club, you can use these payment methods once you’re there.

Different payment methods

  • Sam’s Club Mastercard: Get 5% Cashback on Gas Purchases
  • Walmart and Sam’s Clubs gift cards
  • Walmart Rewards Card
  • Capital One Walmart Rewards Card
  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Debit cards
  • Credit Cards

The Sam’s Club membership offers many perks and features that make gas purchasing easy and simple. Customers will save money on fuel and other Sam’s Club products by using the many payment options and benefits that come with the membership.


Although Sam’s Club gasoline standards are not Top Tier, the gas they sell meets all the minimum requirements of EPA. They also have a Satisfaction Policy for their gas, which increases consumer confidence. Sam’s Club’s membership and competitive pricing make up for the perceived lack in quality due to not being Top Tier certified.

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