Is Wawa Gas Top Tier? (What To Know!)

Gas isn’t all created equal. Different gas stations have their fuel rated according the so-called “Top Tier” fuel performance system.

Automobile companies endorsed the Top Tier gasoline rating system to distinguish fuel that is more efficient and meets the requirements of the Top Tier program.

Is Wawa Gas Top Tier?

Wawa gas does not qualify for Top Tier certification. The Top Tier Gas website has a list with Top Tier gasoline brands.

This page provides information about which US retailers are selling Top Tier gasoline. Wawa gas is not Top Tier certified. However, they guarantee that it can be used in cars and offer free service for customers who experience fuel-related problems.

Continue reading for details about the Top Tier fuel standards and information about the fuel sold by Wawa.

What is Top Tier Gas?

Top Tier oversees a licensing and quality assurance system called Top Tier. They inspect and certify fuel standards for fuels sold in gas stations throughout the US and Canada.

Original concerns about fuel additives that could be harmful to automobiles and the environment prompted Top Tier standards and licensing systems to be created. In 1995, the US Environmental Protection Agency introduced a minimum gasoline detergent requirement. This was supported by the auto industry.

These regulations evolved into the current Top Tier Standard between 2004 and 2007. This was when automobile manufacturers met to establish a new standard in detergents for gasoline that would be suitable for their cars.

Chevron and QuikTrip were the first to adopt the Top Tier standard. They are two of the largest gasoline retailers in America. It has been adopted by a few brands in Canada, El Salvador and Honduras since its inception.

What kind of gas does Wawa sell?

Wawa claims that they offer guaranteed quality fuels at all their stations. They are also committed to fair and honest pricing of all fuels.

Wawa sells gasoline with detergent cleansers according to the EPA. These detergents are designed to reduce vehicle emissions, limit deposits in fuel systems and engines, and limit vehicle emission.

Wawa fuels are not Top Tier certified. However, they all meet or exceed the US EPA detergent standards. Wawa sells gasoline in three grades at its pumps. Some Wawa locations even offer diesel fuel or ethanol-free gasoline.

Wawa plans to offer Tesla Superchargers in many of its stores at some time in the future. Wawa has a Fuel FAQs page that provides more information.

What is Wawa Gas’s Comparability to Other Gas Brands

Wawa’s gasoline is not Top Tier but they do guarantee its quality and state that it exceeds EPA standards. Their website also states that their fuel is honest and fair priced.

Wawa’s fuel guarantee means that customers who have problems due to fuel bought at Wawa will receive no-cost servicing by a qualified technician. Customers must complete a form on Wawa’s website to have their vehicle checked by a qualified technician. The Wawa website has more information about this process.

How do I buy gas at Wawa?

Wawa gas stations are similar to any other station. There are many payment options available. You can fill up at the station and pay inside the store. These options will be explained in detail in the following article.

You will need to download the Wawa app to be able to pay at the pump for gas purchased at Wawa. It is easy to use the app to buy gas.

  • Open the Wawa App on your Android or iPhone.
  • Tap the fuel icon in the app interface.
  • Choose the store location
  • Enter the number of the pump that you are filling up
  • Click “Activate Pump” to confirm your selections
  • After the pump has been activated, you will be able to select the fuel type on the pump and fill up your vehicle.
  • An email receipt will be sent to you from Wawa Mobile App.

Customers who have never used the Wawa app to purchase fuel can also use the step-by-step wizard. Visit their website for more information about the Wawa app or to purchase fuel at Wawa.

Different payment methods

Wawa accepts many payment options for fuel purchases. These include:

  • Cash
  • Credit or debit card
  • Check out
  • Wawa credit card
  • Wawa gift card

Wawa’s mobile app will not allow you to use a gift card linked to it. These cards can be purchased in-store at any Wawa location by using the payment method you prefer.

Customers who wish to earn rewards for purchases made in Wawa should scan their Wawa Rewards card at the point of purchase. If you have a paired reward card, purchases made through the app will be automatically registered.

Wawa is a company that offers a wide range of products and services. You can find out if Wawa accepts Apple Pay in our post.

Last Thoughts

Top Tier gas has been certified by an independent evaluation to provide better performance over a longer time period than non-certified fuels. Top Tier gasoline contains detergents that are designed to reduce the likelihood of fuel clogging or other problems caused by prolonged use.

Wawagas is not Top Tier Certified, but they have a fuel warranty that allows customers to get free service from a qualified expert in the event of fuel-related problems.

Feel free to ask questions and share your concerns in the comments section.

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