Is Costco Gas Good? (top Tier, Who Makes It + More!)

Costco offers cheaper gas, and is famous for their great low prices on loads of your everyday essentials.

So, if you want to know whether it is good, or if you want to know what happens if you add more gas to the tank, you must be wondering whether Costco gas is really good or not.

The first thing I found out is that a lot of people who did research before me found that it is a myth.

Is Costco Gas Good In 2022?

Costco sells gas at an average of 10 to 15 cents less per gallon than other competitors, and Kirkland Signature gasoline is considered “Top Tier” quality with the highest quality standards in the industry.

I have two Costco stores near me, and I have noticed that the gas at the Costco near me that is in the middle of town, is actually cheaper than the Costco store that is in the suburb! The gas at the suburban Costco is $1.29 cheaper per gallon, than the one in town!

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How Much Does Costco Gas Cost?

Kirkland Signature gas sells at Costco for the same price, but it’s much more difficult to figure out by how much.

Although Costco is able to keep prices lower than other gas stations, without considering fluctuations.

Costco’s prices are usually very competitive and the gas comes off the shelves at a good price.

Another example of when it’s worthwhile to pay for convenience, is when you can take your car to a gas station and get a fill up at any time of day. If you’re running out of gas and can’t find a gas station open when you want to fill up, the next closest station might be an hour away.

Why Are Costco Gas Prices So Low?

Costco is so good at keeping its prices so low because it includes a membership fee in the price. Only people who are on Costco’s membership card can buy Costco’s Kirkland Signature gas.

As an example, a monthly subscription could cost $10 and provide access to a personal online calendar.

Costco’s membership fee, which is about $60 for full members and $30 for associates, is one of the main sources of income for the company. The membership is very cheap because of those reasons.

So, you may be thinking, I need a way to add the fuel without having the prices skyrocket.

According to this article, if you only use your Costco membership to fuel up, you’d have to buy gas around 35 times a year or more assuming you only use your Costco membership to refuel.

Costco Gas Vs Shell, Mobil, Texaco, Chevron, & Exxon

The quality of Costco gas varies widely. Some people swear by it. Others say it’s terrible. It all depends on your taste. I’m not a Costco gas fan, but I am a Costco customer.

Additionally, people believe Costco buys gas from these refineries and names it their own Kirkland brand after doing some investigation.

There are no real functional differences between “regular” Costco gas and Shell gas, other than the quality of the gas.

Costco is considered to be one of the best gas stations within the United States. The gas station also meets all requirements for additives.

Does Costco Gas Have Ethanol?

The current Costco 91 unleaded gas does have ethanol in it as an additive and is an “E-Top Tier” gasoline.

However, Costco’s Kirkland Signature gasoline contains 10% ethanol.

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While filling up at Costco Gas you will have no choice to chose the mix of gas. You will have to wait until the tank is empty and the attendant will mix the fuel.

Is Costco Gas Bad For Your Car?

Costco gas definitely does ruin your car. They have the worst tasting gas in the world.

    Kirkland Signature gasoline has been engineered to provide a cleaner and better driving atmosphere, especially for your engine.

The EPA has granted this designation to all-weather premium gasoline, which is designed to improve the performance and reliability of your vehicle.

To make matters worse, Costco’s own-brand gas contains ethanol, something that the American government doesn’t want in our country.

Gas that met the government minimum requirements is called Tier 1 Gas. Top tier gas is gas that is considered to be the best quality.

Additionally, it was found that engines that ran on High Grade fuel averaged 19 times fewer intake valve deposits.

Is Costco’s Regular Gas As Good As Premium Gas?

Whether you’re buying gasoline from Costco or not, you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality gasoline available.

It is not true that all the fuel sold at Costco gas stations has higher than average quantities of detergent additives.
For the following, I feel like the most appropriate paraphrase is “All the fuel sold at Costco gas stations has higher concentrations of detergent additives than in other gas stations.

Top Tier is the best standard for gas in the United States.

As far as differences between regular and premium gas, one of the biggest differences is that premium gas has a higher octane rating.

Make sure you are using the correct octane levels specified in your car owner’s manual.

What Other Gas Stations Offer “Top Tier” Gas?

As a result of the gas shortages, Costco started selling gas there and other gas stations started offering higher-quality fuel as well.

The US government says the fuel is of a higher standard than their own minimum quality requirements.

We have developed software that simulates the performance requirements of the Top Tier Gas.

Cenex – Cenex has locations at various locations in Ontario. It can be found at the gas station across the street from where I live, near the mall, in my old neighborhood, and many other locations in the GTA and around the province.

The reason this is important, is, you can never be sure how much ethanol is in fuel sold in a Costco bulk fuel tank store.
You might be able to get a gallon and a half of fuel that has 10% ethanol… but if the pump doesn’t know whether it is pure ethanol (meaning no gasoline) or a fuel with a higher percentage of ethanol, it will sell you gallons of “gasoline” that have a little bit of ethanol added.

Costco’s prices are likely to be significantly lower per gallon than your average gas station.

Is Costco Gas Popular?

A large part of the reason for the success of Costco’s gas is that they are one of the few major petroleum companies to offer a branded product. They are also able to operate very efficiently because they buy their gasoline wholesale, meaning they can purchase gasoline in large quantities and save on distribution costs.

This is because the application is often very limited in its functionality. This is because while it can provide an initial solution for some specific problems, it is not necessarily suited to all problems.

Costco is a great place to buy gas, but the lines tend to be very long. If you’re just passing through, you’ll have to wait in a line for a while.

However, it’s not always practical. The last time I was in a Costco warehouse, there was a line about three times longer than the line at McDonald’s.

If you want to try Costco gas card, don’t forget to see the posts about Costco gas cash card and Costco gas opening hours!


Costco Kirkland Signature gasoline is a real quality product. It offers great value.

The premium grade gas will provide better performance with enhanced efficiency and fuel economy than standard grade gas.

One of the reasons for this is that unlike other competitors, it still manages to be several cents cheaper per gallon than many of its competitors.

If you don’t feel like paying the annual membership fee you can still drive into Sam’s Club and fill the car up with gas at Costco, but you’ll have to wait in line.

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