Does Lowe’s Take Checks? (all You Need To Know)

Lowe’s is a major home improvement retailer that offers a variety of payment methods in-store and online to make shopping easy for its customers.

If you buy something at Lowe’s and you have a check, you can use your check to pay. They will not take a credit card, but a check is perfectly acceptable.

Does Lowe’s Take Checks In 2022?

If you use either your bank debit card or credit card, you can purchase these items with your account number, even if it’s a order. However, if you use a debit card from another bank, you must contact your bank about your options to set up the transaction as a debit card.

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What Type Of Checks Does Lowe’s Accept?

Lowe’s accepts personal and business check payments at all of its stores across the US.

If you pay in cash, you will need to bring either two forms of government-issued photo ID or one form of government-issued photo ID and two forms of government-issued photo ID.

To make sure the check is legitimate, the owner must verify the person who sold the items is the same person shown on the photo ID.

Does Lowe’s Accept Payroll Checks As A Form Of Payment? 

This means you can pay for services like lawn mowing and other home improvement projects with one or more payroll checks from your business bank account.

What Other Forms Of Payment Does Lowe’s Accept? 

The only payment that Lowe’s accepts is via checks, or you can also pay with a major credit card.

We contacted Lowe’s and they told us that currently they do not accept any form of NFC payment including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

On the other hand, some Lowe’s stores do not accept Samsung Pay.

Can You Pay For An Online Order With A Check At Lowe’s? has a policy where you can not pay for your online order with any kind of check, even if you choose store pickup.

The merchant reserves the right to refuse certain credit/debit/ATM cards, e-checks/ACH, other electronic bank instruments, and PayPal/Venmo transactions.

How Can You Pay By Check At Lowe’s?

To buy items at Lowe’s using a check, you will need to bring the check with two forms of ID to the cashier at any Lowe’s store.

The cashier will then verify the name on the check with the name on the IDs and process your payment.

5. If your purchase is under $100, you may pay by credit card. If your purchase exceeds $100, you will be required to pay by cash, check or charge card.

How Does Lowe’s Verify Checks? 

Lowe’s uses third-party service called Certegy to verify checks and other non-cash payment items used by the company as a form of payment.

It’s important that you contact Certegy directly to raise an issue, since Lowe’s does not get any information about why checks are declined.

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If you want to buy a product at a Lowe’s store and are a business customer, you’ll need to provide two forms of government-issued photo ID.

You can only use one form of photo ID at a time while you’re checking out. Make sure your license ID is in the little holder on your driver’s license or state ID card.

checks could not be used as a form of payment on even if you have selected store pickup.

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