Does Walmart Take Starter Checks? [full Guide]

Walmart accepts a range of payment types, and offers cash different types of checks, including paychecks and retirement funding.

Yes, Walmart does take starter checks, but only in-store. You need to use Walmart Online or their mobile app to take your starter check. The in-store money center will take your $25 starter check. You will be able to load it onto your card or even print out a copy of your card.

Does Walmart Take Starter Checks In 2022? 

If your check is smaller than $200, you may use a Walmart or Sam’s Club check card to pay for your groceries.
If you have checked out at Walmart recently, you may have noticed the new Walmart eCard. The Walmart eCard is a new prepaid debit card for Walmart customers. Customers may use the Walmart eCard to make purchases at Walmart stores,, and with the Walmart mobile app.

I started thinking [about] how Walmart refuses to take starter checks, and why does that happen? Why doesn’t Walmart take starter checks? Why is that?
I guess people go to Walmart because they’re desperate.
They go to Walmart because they know that Walmart doesn’t have a starter check policy, and so they go to Walmart because it’s the only place in the city that’s open.

Why Doesn’t Walmart Accept Starter Checks?

When people get a Walmart gift card in a gift card or credit card they do not have to pay the full amount on the gift card.

The problem is that there is a chance that the person who is giving out the checks won’t be able to read what’s on them.

To get more information on ordering pre-printed checks that are accepted at Walmart, have a look at this webpage.

Which Stores Accept Starter Checks?

This will not be deposited into your bank account, but as long as you sign the check and your bank believes you are the owner of the check, they will let the money go to you. However, you must realize that if you are using the check as a source of income, you will need to deposit it into your bank account as soon as possible.

Stores that you can pay with a check are the big box stores like Costco, Home Depot, and Lowe’s, but they require valid ID, including government-issued photo ID like a passport, driver’s license, or state ID.

Additionally, if you don’t have any other stores nearby, you should be able to cash starter checks at your local bank.

Banks are starting to issue payments using checks with better security, as they realize how much easier it is to get people to pay online.

What Type Of Checks Does Walmart Accept? 

There’s no limit to the amount of checks you can write using the Walmart e-Check(r) feature, which allows you to pay with paper checks in your local Walmart store.

If you’re like some of our other customers, you’ll want to check with the sales associate to see whether or not the store cashes checks on the weekend.

Conclusion: Does Walmart Take Starter Checks

If you wish to encash checks at Walmart you will need to use a check protector such as the ones sold at Walmart. Check protectors are the same as cash registers and will not allow any tampering with your check. Please note, if you encash checks, you will have to buy or replace any check protector before you can encash.

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