Does Target Have A Teacher Discount? (All You Need To Know)

Target is a large retail store where people come in to shop for discounted and quality merchandise. This is a favorite shopping destination for many people who have different professions.

So, if you are a teacher you are in luck because Target offers special discounts for teachers! It’s so easy – here is what to do!

First, go to our online store.
Second, click on the Teacher tab.
Third, select the type of teacher’s salary you are.
And fourth, you can filter by the city of the store you are in to see a list of discounts.

Does Target Have A Teacher Discount In 2022?

Target organizes an annual discount event for teachers. The discount event is from July to August of each year. Teachers can get 15% off selected items in Target stores and online. Some Target locations also offer year-round discounts for verified teachers. Register your teacher status at to be verified.

If you want to learn more about the Target Teacher discount, how to register like a teacher, and what products the discount covers, keep on reading!

How Do You Get A Teacher Discount At Target?

The year-round teacher discount available at selected stores is only available for teachers and faculty at Target. If you’re a registered Target teacher, print your coupon from their online teacher registry and show it at checkout.

Also, this week is the start of the school year in New York, in which teachers and faculty can enjoy a sale at Walgreens. The sale offers 15% off on select items in-store and online.

You can register your status as a teacher at and download the Target smartphone app to receive special teacher offers and coupons.
– Target does not send you coupons via email or snail mail.
– Target emails you an email with offers.

How Do You Register As A Teacher At Target?

The Department of Education issued an update on Friday for California’s schools that include a clarification on the process for verifying your status as a teacher for the new year.

If you have a account and a billing address in the United States, you will be emailed an email notification that your account has been verified.

Once you’ve done so, you can select the appropriate certification request category.
Depending on the certification request category you select, you will get a pre-filled form with additional information.

If you have reached the maximum number of attempts for verification and cannot get a card, please phone your localTarget.

Who Is Eligible for A Teacher Discount At Target?

Universities and colleges that offer undergraduate, graduate, and medical education. Examples include colleges and universities such as the University of North Carolina, University of Southern California, University of Texas, University of California, etc.

– Students will receive 20% off their total purchases at or in-store with a valid college ID.
– Active military service members receive additional 15% off their total purchases at or in-store.

What Items Does Target’s Teacher Discount Cover?

Target’s 15% discount applies to most general merchandise in the store. It may not apply to all items or every sale, so check carefully before you get to checkout.

How Else Can Teachers Save At Target?

Target has announced it will offer teachers a special discount (and a reward) through the Target Circle program.

Teachers and their students can use the Target App to sign up for Target’s rewards program to get exclusive offers and bonus coupons to use in-store or online.

This will be helpful for those who don’t always use their smartphone to browse the internet.

As for the $70, it’s to cover the cost of one admission ticket. So, if you want to bring 5,000 students, you would need to spend $210,000 on the one field trip.

You can go and apply through the Target’s website to get an education grant and then they will help you find a scholarship to cover it.

Target has been doing things to keep their stores exciting and fresh. One of the things they’ve been doing to keep their store exciting and fresh is to offer discounts to seniors and veterans.


You can receive 15% discount on all online purchases when you check out with in-store pickup or select “Save at” while shopping online. This offer is valid only for most merchandise and cannot be combined with any other discount or special offer.

Teachers should register for verification at and can earn extra rewards and discounts by joining Target’s Circle program and downloading the Target smartphone app.

For more information about Target’s Circle rewards program, log on to

A special thanks to Target for sponsoring this episode of KidsConnect.

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