Ikea Teacher Discount (do They Have One + Other Ways Teachers Can Save)

IKEA is a fan favorite with customers because they have a wide variety of stylish and affordable items you can use in your home!

IKEA is not able to offer teacher discounts, and if they did IKEA would not be legal.

Please note, the text in this video is not an exact quote of the policy, but it gives you an idea of what is expected of IKEA. You can view the full document here.

IKEA Teacher Discount In 2022

Unfortunately, IKEA does not offer a year-round teacher discount either in-store or online as of 2022 and IKEA does not offer a Family Discount for teachers at the moment. However, teachers can host special events through IKEA to get special discounts. Additionally, teachers can also save money on IKEA during price reduction sales and promotions with IKEA Family Card.

For more information about the exclusive sale event that IKEA has for teachers, plus other ways teachers can save on IKEA furniture, keep reading!

Why Does IKEA Not Offer Teacher Discounts?

ikea has limited discounts at their stores, they offer them at different points of the year.

ikea does not have any special offers for teachers or school.

IKEA cannot accept Blue Light Cards yet, so teachers have to plan for a long journey if they are going to IKEA.

Do IKEA Offer Teacher Events?

The big discount events are usually advertised on the socials and IKEA does have some teacher discounts on their websites but they also have other events and specials for teachers in their store.

An example of an Event is when, say, the best sellers in a certain category are displayed during a certain time.

It was a mystery how to get a discount. The first 50 teachers to arrive with their ID got a mystery bag and 10% off coupons to use in stores.

Some restaurants offer discounts to teachers, and some even offer free meals to teachers. Other events at IKEA allow teachers to win prizes.

When you sign up to the IKEA Teacher Savings program, you get the newsletter.

You can also use the [Paraphrase] tab to quickly look up the full email.

How Else Can Teachers Save at IKEA?

Ikea runs its own offers and promotions and it wants to help its customers save money.

ikea regularly have promotions and sales on their products, and you can win gift cards to help you save money through certain websites.

They also give you free coffee in their breakfast restaurants and give you the opportunity to save a little money with kids eating for free on Tuesdays.

As a teacher, you can use the family card to get discounts both in-store and online. You can use it to purchase desks, lamps, stationery, and more.

In addition, this card also provides you with a 90-day price protection policy which means that it will protect you from price increases should they happen after you use the card.

Where Can I Get Teacher Discount Other than IKEA?

Online resources provide information on discount coupons. A teacher should also visit the websites where they can receive a discount before going to IKEA.

Teacher discounts are often available at smaller stores as well. For instance, my local Dollar Tree had a pretty good deal on a Kitchen Aid mixer.
Most major retailers such as Target and Lowe’s will often have some sort of teacher discount.

Additionally, Costco offers a great discount for teachers with their shop card. While Michaels offers a 15% discount for every purpose.

If you already know about IKEA’s services and discounts you might want to find out if you qualify for the IKEA NHS discount, if IKEA offers a student discount, and if IKEA has sales.


While IKEA cannot offer regular teacher discounts, they are able to offer events that are specially tailored for teachers. They also accept Blue Light cards for teachers.

Ikea also offers a wide range of discounts in the stores, restaurants, and online to help customers save money.

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