Does Ikea Have An Nhs Discount? (try This Instead)

IKEA is a large Swedish retailer that offers a number of products ranging from couches to children’s toys. They offer a number of items that are affordable, easy to assemble, and last for years. Their slogan is “the more you look, the more you find” and their motto is “Try to be happy”.

IKEA does not do NHS discount. They are only allowing patients that are registered with them to shop. Patients do not need to register in order to shop, but can.

Does IKEA Have An NHS Discount In 2022?

IKEA does not provide NHS discounts for Blue Light Card users. They also don’t offer any discounts to families. However, they do provide other discounts that may be of benefit.

For more information on how you can save on IKEA and how to find other stores that offer a National Health Service (NHS) discount, keep reading!

How Can NHS Workers Save at IKEA?

One major way to save is to purchase products from a catalogue rather than from the store.

IKEA Family members get exclusive access to the IKEA Sale Event, and get first dibs on IKEA Sale Savings. IKEA Family members can also get the latest news and announcements from IKEA via email, as well as earn points with the purchase of IKEA products. IKEA offers many benefits for IKEA Family members.


IKEA also has numerous promotions that can be utilised to save shoppers money on their purchases.

The IKEA restaurant is extremely expensive, and you can save money by using free tea and coffee.

Other Stores That Provide NHS Discounts

You can save some money if you buy this shirt before it is sold out completely.

It’s not only health care stores that are available for you to use UK healthcare benefits. There are lots of stores that provide discounted prices. They include the following: JD, Superdry, Homebase, Very, and many more.

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before submitting your order.

There’s a lot of information already on the internet about whether or not you need an IKEA membership to save money. Here are a couple articles you might enjoy.


NHS workers can save on furniture items and other items at IKEA with the free IKEA Family card. This gives free delivery within the United Kingdom and a limited amount of furniture discounts.

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