Does Ace Hardware Have A Military & Veteran Discount? (full Guide)

This company is the leading retailer for home improvement supplies and services in the United States. They offer special discounts and offers to their customers to keep their prices low.

Ace Hardware does indeed offer military and veteran discounts on certain products. You can find the specific details on their website.

Does Ace Hardware Have a Military & Veteran Discount In 2022?

Ace Hardware will offer a 10% discount on full priced items to military and veteran customers who have a valid military ID. This offer is available only at participating stores, not online. Ace Hardware may require proof of military service to obtain the discount.

To learn more about military and veteran discounts from Ace Hardware, read this carefully. You can save money at Ace Hardware by going to the website and ordering the products you need. You can also find out if Ace Hardware is offering any special military and veteran discounts. The discounts can be as high as 25% off. To take advantage of these discounts, you have to have a valid military or veteran ID or proof of service. You can also find out how to save money by using Ace Hardware coupons, Ace Hardware coupon codes, and Ace Hardware promo codes.

Do All Ace Hardware Stores Offer Military and Veteran Discount?

Ace Hardware Corporation, in its corporate capacity as franchised business, at the discretion of the store manager, whether they offer military and veteran discounts. Due to this, military and veteran discounts may not be available at all Ace Hardware locations.

To check for military and veteran discounts it is suggested to contact local Ace Hardware stores.

How Much Military Discount Does Ace Hardware Offer?

Often, military and veteran discounts at Ace Hardware cannot be applied to other items, such as a full price item.

Its unlikely that Ace Hardware will be able to let you use military and veteran discounts online.

Who Can Get Military Discount at Ace Hardware?

It is often given to both active and retired military veterans.

If you are a veteran, but were not active duty, you may be able to receive a separate discount.

It is recommended that you bring your family or other people who you will be using your discount with you into the store. That way the staff at the store can see you in person, and see that you are a military or veteran.

How Do I Get Military Discount at Ace Hardware?

To be eligible for an Ace Hardware military and veterans discount it is highly recommended that you check to see if your local Ace Hardware participates in the scheme.

If you are a military veteran or active duty armed service member you will get a 10% discount on everything.

In addition, the employee may need proof of your veteran status, so ensure you bring a military ID or some form of official documentation to verify your status as a veteran.

What Can I Use Military Discount on Ace Hardware?

Military and veteran discounts can be used on most products at participating Ace Hardware locations.

You can receive military or veteran discounts at brick & mortar stores like Costco and Walmart, as well as online merchants like Amazon. These discounts cannot be redeemed on clearance items, sale items, or similar items on sale.

You can use a digital version of the license to track your usage for tax purposes.

Can I Use Military Discount Online at Ace Hardware?

Military and veteran discounts must be applied via e-mail at or by calling 1-800-Ace-Hardware.

How Else Can I Save Money at Ace Hardware?

Ace Hardware has a variety of coupons to help everyone save money. The coupons also vary by location. For instance, some Ace Hardware locations are able to price match products, and offer free repairs and services.

As an added bonus, Ace Hardware also gives you money back when you purchase the items you were looking for.

You will also earn 10 points per dollar spent and will also receive free delivery. Ace Hardware will give you 10 points per $1 spent, and will deliver to one of their stores near you.

If you want to learn more about Ace Hardware’s return and price matching policy, you can also check out our posts on how to send them a return request if you are not happy with their quality, and how to price match.


Ace Hardware is able to offer a 10% military discount in participating stores for veterans who can show proof of military service. Ace can give the discount on your military badge or military ID card.

If you want to receive a veteran discount on Ace Hardware, then bring your valid form of identification to the checkout to receive a 10% discount on full-priced items.

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