Walgreens Military & Veteran Discount (all You Need To Know)

Walgreens wants its customers to save money on future purchases, so it created an online savings account that can be accessed from any browser.

That’s a great question. I didn’t even know Walgreens offers discounts to military personnel. You might be interested in checking out the Walgreens Military Discounts page to see if you qualify.
[Paraphrase:] So there we have it. Did you know Walgreens offers a military discount? If you qualify, then you definitely should check out the Walgreens Military Discounts page.

This is all the information you need regarding Walgreens military discount. Here is how to obtain the military discount.

Walgreens Military & Veteran Discount In 2022

The store-brand products that are eligible for the military discount are generally sold at the lowest possible price, though some exclusions apply. The military discounts at Walgreens typically apply to items such as bandages, disposable razors, and hand sanitizers. The discount is not available on items such as over-the-counter medications, toiletries, or hygiene products.

To learn more about the military discount at your local Walgreens, and what it is worth, read on!

What Is The Military Discount At Walgreens?

Although Walgreens does not offer a daily military discount for current and retired military personnel, it offers certain discounts for these individuals during certain times of the year.

For example, during the Fourth of July (July 1-July 4), Walgreens offers a 30% discount to you and your family on Walgreens-brand items, and 20% discount on most other products with a myWalgreens membership and proof of military service.

This chain is a great place to get any service, whether from a vet, or pet store, or grooming.

Military personnel are given a discount to use their benefits.

It’s important to note that the military discount at Walgreens is only available in-store and cannot be used online. This is true for any Walgreens store.

What Products Are Eligible For The Military Discount At Walgreens?

You can get a military discount at Walgreens-brand products and the majority of other products sold at the store.

Also, only items that are regularly priced are eligible for the military discount.

* The first 200 people who make a purchase at our stores may receive a 25% discount on merchandise only. This discount is only valid on day one.

The military discount is only available for the base price of the item that you’re buying, not for the discounted price.

Some of the items that can be gotten at most of the Walgreens are medical items, which are restricted from being sold with military discounts.

Who Can Claim Military Discounts At Walgreens?

The military discount at Walgreens is available to all current military personnel, veterans, and military family members!
For more information, contact your local Walgreens pharmacy near you.

People serving in the military or people serving with the Coast Guard or in the Navy or the Marine Corps or the Army or Air Force or any of the services are all eligible for the military discount.

To receive a military discount at Walmart, you can show a valid form of military identification or proof of a military mailing address. Members must sign up for the Walmart rewards program at ww1.walmart.com, and link their account to their Walmart Rewards or Walmart card. Benefits include free 2-day shipping, discounts in store, and savings on everyday low prices. Members must be enrolled and active and present a valid military ID or proof of a military mailing address to qualify for the discounts.

What Is Walgreens’ BalanceRewards Program?

Rewards programs at Walgreens make it easy for customers to add points to their account and redeem them for gift cards and discounts.

Once a customer earns enough points on qualifying purchases, they can use the points and redeem them on future purchases. The future purchases do not have to be related to the original qualifying purchase, but only have to be the same line item. It cannot be used on the “Other” line item.

Further, BalanceRewards points are in addition to the discount applied at Walgreens and Duane Reade stores.

I don’t know about that, but Walgreens, who is known for being a great store, has an excellent rewards program for their shoppers.

How Do You Sign Up For BalanceRewards At Walgreens?

Anyone who buys through Walgreens will get 10% cash back in store plus a free gift card to use for online purchases. Walgreens also offers a 10% cash back rewards rate even for online purchases.

If you are interested in BalanceRewards, go straight to the store to sign up for it. If you go to the online website and want to sign up for BalanceRewards, it will ask you to go to the store to sign up for BalanceRewards.

All you need to do is activate your BalanceRewards account by clicking “Activate Now”.

I think if you are looking for a discount, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Target do not have a military discount.


Walgreens is offering special offers to the military. For example, they are offering 20% off of non-Walgreens branded products.

This is a good time to get your family or friends to join Walgreens(r)BalanceRewards. We’d love for them to see how easy it is and save money, too.

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