15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Sushi

Whether you are a small family or simply want to save money, Costco is the best way for you to save on your bills. At a Costco, you will regularly find savings on products and food sold in bulk.

Cheesecake sushi is popular with Costco members. There is no mention of how the cheesecake sushi is made, but it is said to be made of good quality ingredients.

15 Things to Know Before Buying Costco Sushi In 2022

1. It’s Best to Eat Costco Sushi as Soon as Possible

If you are planning to get a sushi combo, buy the sushi and wait a day or so to eat it.
But if you are just buying a single fish roll, buy it the same day and eat it right away! The fish is fresher this way!

When I buy seafood at Costco, I take it home and eat it within a few hours. It has the best flavor.

You never have to worry about that after you order from Seashore Sushi & Grill because of their fast and friendly service.

Costco does not make sushi and they use a pre-made sushi rice, so it is not as fresh as a sushi restaurant.

2. Not Every Costco Store Sells Sushi

If you are in Canada, it is best to call the store you usually buy your food from and find out the kinds of sushi they sell and their prices.

The Costco website will not allow you to order sushi through it’s web address.

To find out if your local grocery store sells sushi, simply enter your zip code in the Costco store locator and search “Sushi” or “Sushi store” in the search bar.

So, the website shows you the products your Costco store sells and the price, and allows customers to compare prices.

3. Costco Doesn’t Prepare the Sushi it Sells

We also stock sushi from the following restaurants that are not included on the website: Aloha Sushi, and Sushi Sushi.

Costco’s sushi is not as popular as the other Japanese imports. I really think Costco’s sushi should be better and they had too many varieties of sushi in Costco.

As if preparing sushi isn’t hard enough, Costco’s seafood department has their hands full with frozen pre-cut sushi. They receive sushi-grade fish from Snowfox Sushi, and the company has a strict quality control regime.

4. Costco Sells Party-Sized Sushi Platters

Costco was a great place to shop for a large group of people. If you have a large party coming up, Costco is the perfect place to shop for the rest of your party food.

The largest and most expensive Costco sushi platters include a variety of types of sushi and the largest include more than 50 pieces of sushi.

Costco has different locations, so they might have different items on offer.

5. Costco Changes the Type of Sushi it Sells

Costco has sushi bars that sell different kinds of sushi. They change the menus from week to week to keep things fresh.

In the case of Costco, you can check online to find out what kind of sushi is available, and if you’re feeling hungry, you can click through to check out their sushi menu.

6. Most Customers Like the Sushi From Costco

Costco says it’s a very affordable dining choice for families.

But some customers say the rice was to dry and they didn’t like the amount of wasabi on the rolls… Despite that, most of the reviews say the price is worth it.

The Japanese are still very picky about their food, so you will be paying a premium for not-quite-the-same-exquisite-quality as if you go to a restaurant.

It depends on the restaurant you’re looking for.
But you can’t go wrong eating at a sushi restuarants, especially the ones that use quality ingredients.

Costco’s sushi is pre-made and then ready to eat. But sushi restaurants make the sushi on the spot and have customers watch as it’s prepared.

7. Costco Has Vegetarian Sushi Options

Even if you are vegetarian, you can find sushi options at Costco!

The new bulk retailer recently announced that they will be offering a sushi platter option. This addition should help consumers who wish to avoid meat and seafood.

They usually make it clear that you can’t eat from the tray if you’re not eating.

The idea of having vegan sushi is very good so we hope there will be a vegan sushi tray in the future.

8. Sam’s Club Also Sells a Variety of Sushi

The most popular prepared sushi rolls that Costco members can buy are the Kansyu Premium and the Premium Sushi Rolls.

At Sam’s Club, sushi is sold in platters and in packages that are designed just for a single person.

If you live in an area that does not have a Sam’s Club nearby, you can order sushi at your local sushi restaurant. And if you absolutely have to eat sushi, you can always go to grocery stores such as Whole Foods that sell sushi rolls.

9. Costco’s Sushi Comes Pre-Packaged and Ready to Eat

In contrast, at a sushi restaurant you can select whatever is available and prepare it.

In the case with Costco, if you’re in a hurry and need to grab sushi for the family, Costco’s sushi platters are an efficient move.

The sushi is already prepared. You simply pick it up from the store and have fun with it.

10. Costco’s Sushi Isn’t the Highest Quality

Costco’s sushi quality isn’t as consistent as we hope. But, considering the price, it would be wrong to assume Costco’s sushi is the worst.

Further you note that the sushi isn’t the greatest sushi you’ll ever taste in your life.

But it may not be as good as going to a sushi restaurant. I guess you have to try both options and decide if you like the experience at the sushi restaurant more.

Ingredients on the box include things like artificial crab flavor and color added to the ice cream.

11. Costco Sells Other Seafood Options

In addition to sushi, Costco also sells an array of other seafood options, including: Lobster tail, salmon, halibut, rockfish, and other seafood options.

12. You Can Order Sushi Online

Costco is launching a sushi pick up program where you can order sushi online and have it shipped to your local Costco store.

Most Costco locations will not provide this service.

When ordering your groceries online, don’t forget to get the free shipping. There’s no need to pay for shipping yourself.

13. Sushi Is Located Near the Seafood or Deli Departments

Costco typically expects you to know where to find their sushi so it’s best to ask an associate in the seafood section if you don’t see it.

Costco’s also sells a lot of fish. It’s big on fish, so I like to shop there.

14. You Have to Be a Costco Member to Buy the Sushi

Costco does not sell sushi. The sushi is sold by other vendors. As they don’t have sushi, you don’t need a membership.

There are three membership options at Costco. A $60 or $120 yearly membership is all that is offered.

This is the type of info that only comes from an insider.

And now for some “I don’t know anything about this” info.

15. Costco Sells Various Sushi Roll Varieties

Costco members can enjoy more than just California rolls. The sushi selection also includes a wide variety of specialty rolls, including the spicy tuna roll.

Costco has many different varieties of cheese, also.

The other great thing about Costco is that they have a great sushi selection, so you can try a variety of options.

And, there’s no guarantee Costco will have everything you want, since they don’t always have the same inventory.

if you want more info, you can also read our posts on how to make a great Costco pizza, and how to buy the best Costco pizza.


Costco’s Sushi is worth the price, especially if you’re in a hurry and need to pick up something for dinner.

We decided to put them together and see if the sentence sounded different to me.

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