Does Subway Still Have The Seafood Sub? (+ Other Common Faqs)

A Subway franchise may offer a selection of toppings, such as ham, turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions. Customers may choose how they want their sub to be sliced from the top, bottom, or the side. The Subway franchise also allows customers to customize their sub as they’d like, from the type of bread, to the sauce and cheese.

Although it’s not listed on Subway’s website, one Reddit user says that the Seafood Sub is available at Subway locations. However, the “Fried Fish and Chicken” subs (a variety of the “Italian Bread” sub) are probably what most people are looking for!

Does Subway Still Have Seafood Sub In 2022?

The “seafood sensation” is a discontinued dish that was only available at Subway stores and usually only at certain stores. As of 2022, the original recipe has been discontinued, and ingredients are only available at select Subway locations. However, many websites do have recipes to make this dish. has a Seafood Sensation Sub that is one of the healthier items on their menu. This is a gluten-free and higher-carbohydrate version of the classic Subway sandwich. You will find it in the “Sensations” section of the menu along with the original version. With this sandwich, you are getting a few more carbs and some fat, so if you follow the other sub tips then you should be fine!

Was Seafood Sensation Discontinued In All US Subway Locations?

The Seafood Sensation Sub is a part of Subway’s menu, but it’s been discontinued and is no longer being sold in grocery stores.

Customers have stated that they want more variety, however the franchisees cannot afford to stock more items.

Subway workers have reported online on social media that they can no longer order the ingredients needed to make the Seafood Sensation sandwich.

The Seafood Sensation is still available in the Virgin Islands. It is however, only available at the Beef O’Bay Steak, Seafood & Pizzeria location.

Where Can I Get The Subway Seafood Sub?

I got a taste of a Seafood Sub sandwich from select Subway locations.

The owners of Subway are at liberty to choose what they want to stock in their individual Subway stores.

The menu also includes selections from the United States and other countries.

So the people who own Subway restaurants now have a problem because they can’t order seafood.

But the Seafood Sensation is always more popular and easy to access in coastal locations, as it’s easier to source the necessary ingredients.

I’ve also heard that some Subway stores in Canada have the Seafood Sub available for limited seasons or occasions.

The Subway is running out of food due to the many customers driving to the Subway to eat the Seafood Sensation because it is the only one in the area.

Subway may not stock the Seafood Sensation in your local franchise, but the manager there may be able to inform you of local franchises that do.

What Is In The Subway Seafood Sub?

The seafood is a great combination of crab meat and Alaskan Pollock.
It’s a unique seafood dish and it’s delicious.

They do use imitation crab meat within the actual restaurant, but then there are crab meat blends that are made up with a mix of real crab meat and imitation crab meat in order to get that authentic New England taste.

Customers can choose between a variety of bread options, as well as additional meats, cheeses, and vegetables to accompany the Seafood Sensation filling.

How Many Calories Are In A Footlong Subway Seafood Sensation Sandwich?

A foot long Subway sandwich is really just a big bag of carbohydrates.

Why Did Subway Remove the Seafood Sub From Its Menu?

The reason for the removal of the Seafood Sensation is that due to a company-wide management decision, Subway is no longer serving the item that is considered the chain’s signature restaurant item.

The reason that this sandwich filling was not selling well could be the shelf life of the product.
Therefore, it could be that the store is not making use of the products in the best way to increase sales.

It also removes the risk of someone making a bad decision when ordering by brand.

Another suggestion is that the shortage of Seafood Sensation caused by the core ingredients required for the Seafood Sensation sandwiches resulted in them being more expensive.

Has Subway Brought Back The Seafood Sensation?

With a petition and a Facebook page, fans of the Seafood Sensation at Subway have been trying to convince Subway to bring the dish back.

The message was very popular, and hundreds of people asked Subway to bring back the Seafood Sensations, but it was not successful.

Subway Restaurants said they will bring back the Seafood Sensation, priced at $5 for a footlong sandwich.

Subway restaurants in the state of Georgia are not accepting new franchise applications.

Can I Make My Own Subway Seafood Sensation?

If you can’t find their Seafood Sensation, several recipes online can help you make your own version.

If you want to learn more about Subway, then it is best you read our posts on whether or not Subway has pizza, if Subway has salads, and if Subway has vegan options.


While the Seafood Sub is no longer available in the majority of Subway franchises, it has been found in a select few, including the US Virgin Islands.

It appears to be unclear why the company chose to discontinue the Seafood Sub.

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