Does Subway Have Pizza? (not What You Think)

The fast-food item is traditionally known for the fast food item it is named after, the submarine sandwich. However, Subway also offers a range of other things including salads and soups.

I’ll start by telling you about the menu, pizza prices, delivery locations, and where to get the sandwiches. Then I’ll tell you more about each one!

Does Subway Have Pizza In 2022?

Subway offers a menu with different options, from different types of bread, salad dressings, spreads, and more. Subway also offers an option to customize meals with several options available under the “build your own” section. These options include toppings, including salami, pepperoni, and bacon; bread; salads; and dressings.

For more information about pizza, and different types of pizza crusts, pizzas, toppings, and other items in a pizza, keep reading!

Does Subway Make Pizza?

Subway made us aware of some new menu items to hit the U.S. market in the future, and the “sub way” menu item, which is a basic grilled chicken sandwich on a plain bun with green salad, will be a standard part of their menu.

The issue with Subway is not the pizza because it is still available at many stores. It is the fact that a number of states are not allowing franchise outlets to order pizzas from Subway.

It is a sandwich which is made of bread, cheese, tomato sauce, tomato soup, chili sauce, and other sandwich toppings.

Subway will also create custom-designed sandwiches, melts, etc. at your request. Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be more expensive than regular Subway fare; you may have to pay for the labor involved in creating it.

What Is In The Pizza Sub At Subway?

You can’t request a Pizza sub as a regular menu item, but you can request it during the sandwich-making process.

Pizza is made from your choice of bread including white, whole grain, and honey wheat, tomato sauce, pepperoni, Mozzarella cheese, and any vegetables.

A foot-long sandwich with cheese at Subway costs $5.00 on average, but this varies depending on the franchise and location. Also, in most places, it’s only available for lunch or dinner.

For this example, you probably want to use the original version.

You can also add extra meats to your pizza, like chicken, bacon, ham or turkey; however, this will cost you more.

What Kind Of Pizza Does Subway Have?

Subways can be found all around the world, and you can find them here and there.

But at least they don’t eat their pizza with a fork.

A personal pizza at local fast food restaurants is usually around $2.00, but with an additional cost of $1.00 for extra cheese, extra bacon, extra sauce, etc.

It is not clear whether the available flavors of Subway personal pizzas include cheese, pepperoni, or veggie pizza, but they can be customized similar to other Subway menu items.

How Big Are Subway’s Pizzas?

The average size of a Subway Original is 20.5 centimeters, or eight inches, in diameter.

That’s right, Subway is one of the best options for quick lunch. It is super easy on the thighs and provides a reasonable amount of energy.

How Are Subway Pizzas Made?

Pizza ovens at Subway are used for cooking the pizzas. The pizza sauce is mixed with various ingredients at the restaurant beforehand and then frozen. The frozen pizza toppings are then placed in the ovens and the pizzas are cooked.

You can add extra toppings to your pizza.
You can add sausage, pepperoni, bacon, and ham.

When Did Subway Start Selling Pizza?

Subway began selling personal pizzas in 2006 in select US markets. Subway is only selling personal pizzas from the restaurants, but the pizzas can be purchased in stores without pizza ovens. They can also be purchased on line. The personal pizzas are priced at $7.99.

The chain of pizza restaurants is a fast food restaurant that is commonly known for their sub-meat pizza.

I never said that they don’t sell them, just that it won’t surprise you to learn how hard it is to find a store that sells it.

And Subway employees know of other Subway franchises which sell personal pizzas in-store, but do not carry the Subway brand.

Is Subway Personal Pizza Good?

Many online customers are willing to pay $4 for a personal pizza.

With the ingredients, you can create your own personal pizza, and there are no minimum amount purchase.

However, some people may like their pizza slightly undercooked, but to each his own.

To learn more about whether or not Subway has salads, if Subway has soup, and if Subway has vegan options, you might want to read more about them on Google.


Subway is about to open two new franchises and are looking at franchisees who are going to provide pizzas for their customers.

Pizza at Subway has prices between $4 and $5. However, Subway franchises do not sell personal pizzas.

Then, if you can find the secret menu item known as the pizza sub, which uses tomato sauce, mozzarella, and your choice of toppings on your choice of bread.

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