Does Subway Have Salads? (types, Prices, Best Ones, + More)

Not only that, but it has amazing deals when it comes to ordering lunch. If you want to save some money, be sure to read about their discount codes.

The answer is yes, and yes they do indeed have salads to satisfy your health needs. You are not limited to a lettuce or spinach salad. However, if you are looking for more of a meal, that can be had at Subway as well.

Does Subway Have Salads In 2022?

Subway is planning on getting rid of bread in some of its menu items and replacing them with lettuce. This is for the reason that bread can make customers sick. When the menu changes, Subway will offer an additional option for customers who want lettuce but not bread.

If you want to know more about Subway’s salad range, the preset salads they offer and their prices, the most-wanted salads, and so much more, keep on reading!

What Kinds Of Salads Does Subway Have?

Subway is offering chopped salads to its customers who need to have less bread.

You can also get all your favorites sandwich toppings made into a salad that’s mixed up with chopped lettuce, greens and tomato right in front of you. Combine the ingredients and dressing perfectly into bite-sized pieces.

Also, you can pick your favorite sandwich toppings, dressings and meat, and what ever other meats and veggies you like.

Does Subway Have Caesar Salads?

I like the caesar salads and want to order one, but Subway is a chain restaurant and their food is not good.

Subway restaurants and sandwiches are not known to provide salads or dressings.

I wouldn’t say “the closest you will get” because you can get other dressings (I think), but it’s the only two you can get without making any other substitutions.

If you have a different preference, go with whatever you prefer. A few may be vegetarian or vegan, which makes it easier for them.

Does Subway Have Chicken Caesar Salads?

Chicken caesar salads aren’t one of Subway’s set menu options.

Even if they were to be served, this is just a salad sandwich which is why they are only about 30 cents, so it is not worth it, unless you like Subway.

Does Subway Have Ham Salads?

No, Subway only has ham on sandwiches.

I can assure you that they are delicious and you can make them or order them at the local grocery store.

You can also choose between a variety of salad dressings, such as vinegar, olive oil, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, etc.

Does Subway Have Subway Club Salads?

 The Subway Club salad is very popular, so Subway has turned the sandwich into a salad with bacon, turkey, and black forest ham tossed into a green lettuce blend.

As a way of saying thank you for doing your part to help the world, if you order the Subway All-American Club Salad with your favorite vegetable toppings, you can enjoy a promotion that will make your day.

Does Subway Have Tuna Salads?

You know, Subway’s tuna salad is a favorite of mine, too. So if you want to make a sandwich, just ask them to make a sub one for you.

When mixing fresh tuna with veggies and salad mix, your salad will be delicious and nutritious, because you have the choice for additional vegetables.

How Much Are Salads From Subway?

Subway’s chopped salads vary based on the time of year, what is available and seasonal produce costs.

You can expect the price to be between $6.00 and $9.70, but it’s up to you to decide which toppers you want.

You can have as much salad dressing on your salad as you like… but, more salad dressing will make your salad more expensive.

To build a six-inch sub, you first have to get a lettuce leaf, two pickles, a tomato, turkey, three slices of cheese, [additional ingredients] and [additional ingredients]. The total comes out to $4.69, with an additional $1.75 for your meal.

It also charges more for your sandwich. To help you cut down on the cost, try to buy your sandwich without all the toppings (like cheese and pickles).

What Is The Best Subway Salad?

There is no fixed or universal recipe for a perfect pizza; it’s personal and unique to each individual making it, and so are the ingredients.

It’s true that these are the best you can find in the city, but sometimes I wish they’d have a healthier salad option too, like with the chicken quinoa salad.

The food is great, but some of it has a high sodium content.

What Dressings Does Subway Have For Salads?

Generally, a Subway sandwich is made with a choice of several meat and vegetable toppings, and many different dressings and sauces can be requested.

But if you want a creamy dressing, but you don’t want it to be too rich, you can mix the avocado with the dressing, and then top the salad with a bit of parmesan cheese.

How Do You Build A Salad At Subway?

If you don’t see a salad that you like, you can build your own custom salad at Subway, and add any combination of dressings and toppings you choose.

For each sandwich, you may select any combination of meats, cheeses, veggies, and add any extra toppings of your liking.

Add salt and pepper and choose a sauce or dressing that you like. Then, watch your Subway sandwich artist mix up your perfect chopped salad.

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To learn more about if Subway sells a vegan sandwich, you can also read our blog post about it, on whether or not a vegan sandwich really exists.


Subway sandwiches are a great option for the entire family. The kids will love the choices of chicken, tuna, or ham.
Subway also makes a great meal option for the entire family.

Subway has an affordable price for salads making it easier to eat healthier.

The menu is so great because you can build your own salad. You can add your favorite meats, vegetables, and dressings and you can see exactly what you’re getting.

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