Why Is Subway So Good? (10 Reasons Why)

In the Subway fast food restaurant, the basic concept is simple — you slide your foot into the rubber mat, place your foot on the screen, scan your foot on the touch screen, then select a foot-based menu.

Number one, you can get more for your money!
Number two, it’s fast!
Number three, it’s healthy!
Number four, Subway is a great option for you if your dietary lifestyle is important!

Why Is Subway So Good In 2022?

The healthy options are a couple of reasons why Subway is so great as of 2022. The array of toppings at all of the different types of sandwiches is also a reason why the fast-food chain has been so popular. The fact that Subway already offers several selections is the reason that Subway has a secret menu available to its customers. Finally, the convenience of Subway cannot be matched by any other fast-food chain.

It will help you to know more about reasons why Subway is so irresistible.

1. Variety Of Choice

Subway, while it’s never been as “un-subway as” a fast food chain, is at least as varied as a traditional Subway is. It’s hard to find a bad sandwich, though.

You can choose from a wide variety of bread products.

Finally, you need to decide how much you want to spend on your food.

However, the plant-based patty does not contain any meat, but it is made of a different protein from meat.

There are a vast selection of fresh toppings for your burger and a hefty number of sauces in the case at Burger King.

And the number of combinations is so large that it’s impossible to calculate just what the Subway sandwich is like.

2. Convenience

Subway makes sandwiches which are filled with exactly what you want. That is, unless you want lettuce, tomato, and mayo, in which case you might like to go elsewhere.

A lot of the staff are in a hurry, especially the guys who work behind the till. They work a lot harder than the front of house. The front of house is an absolutely brilliant experience, and the fact it is there as much as it is is great.

Get a meal in less than 5 minutes, Subway makes it quick and easy to get a healthy meal on the way to work, lunch or dinner.

3. Quality Of Ingredients

Subway is known for its quality meat compared to other restaurants.

How do you convert this?

I am not concerned with the original sentence structure. But I am concerned with converting it to the past.


Punctuation (or lack thereof) is the only thing to change.

There was a time when Subway was known as a restaurant that used only meatball sandwiches.

The patties, meat balls, and meatloaf are all premade, but the restaurant is also known for its great service and quality lunch menu items such as salads, pastas, and fresh-baked breads.

4. Fresh Ingredients

With their fresh and delicious food, Subway offers their customers a healthy menu.

lettuce, tomato, onion, lettuce, tomato, lettuce, tomato, onion, lettuce, tomato, tomato, onion, lettuce, tomato.

Carrots, Celery, Onion, Peas, and Lettuce.

No matter how much time it takes to make it, it is done fresh.

5. There Are Subway Restaurants Everywhere

It would be incredible if my company was one of the only Subway franchisees in the entire United States.

It also means that you’ll be able to get a good sandwich and a side of fries. So, if you’re hungry and don’t want to cook, you’ll have a quick option.

6. Subway Is Health Conscious

Subway’s offering a range of healthy options, starting with the Mediterranean Flatbread, which is served with hummus, tomato, feta and salad.

the veggie turkey (baked tofu, broccoli, and cranberry sauce)
the veggie meatball (veggie meatball, broccoli, and tomato basil sauce)
the ‘meat’less meatball (veggie meatball)
the spicy Italian sausage (veggie meatball, Italian sausage, and pepperoni)
the veggie meatloaf (veggie meatloaf)


Subway also serves vegetarian and vegan burgers, veggie subs, and veggie sandwiches.

7. The Portion Sizes Are Very Generous

Subway is one of the costliest fast food chains, but with the amount of food, the price might not seem that high.

For example, if you order fries as your side, you get fries as a side, but if you want french fries as your side, you have to order them as the main dish. For example, if you order broccoli as your side, you get broccoli as a side, but if you want broccoli as your main dish, you have to order it as such at the restaurant.

They get more value out of every dollar they spend on ingredients and labor. In fact, Subway says that a two-footer with no toppings is cheaper than ordering a foot plus more to get exactly what you want.

8. Subway’s Secret Menu

When you think about Subway, you can’t help to think about how you want to customize your sandwiches.

The company also has a secret menu that makes it easier for people to be more loyal.

The secret menu items in Subway are well known around the world.

9. The Number Of Choices For Subway Salads

Every salad has the same components as a normal sandwich, but the differences are that:

The lettuce is replaced with chopped tomatoes/peppers/chives that are mixed with the ingredients;
The tomatoes/peppers/chives are placed in the middle of the sandwich rather than on the surface, like in a sub;
The salad dressing is poured on the salad, rather than in between two slices of bread, like in a sub.

There are many different types of salad, and you can find the perfect one for you.

There are so many choices for salads, like you can choose to get either the chicken or the Italian sausage as your meat, depending on which salad you get.

10. The Subs are Made Fresh To Order Every Time

Although you don’t have to worry about Subway giving you food that has been sitting out, you have to worry about food poisoning since Subway does not cook its food in its restaurants.

This is one of those places where you order a sub. A sub is a sandwich that is part hamburger and part sub. It has the flavor of a sub and the look of a hamburger.

By the way, the bread is still warm and fresh because I just pre-cooked it right before the sandwich was assembled and then heated it up to make it soft.

To learn more about Subway, you can also read my post on why is Subway so expensive, how long are Subway sandwiches good for, and what are the sauces at Subway.


People love Subway because they can get anything they want in fast food. Like, they can get a chicken sandwich in less than five minutes. And, if they don’t like the chicken sandwich, they can get a cheese sandwich in less than five minutes. There’s even a good chance they’ll like the taste of the cheese sandwich.

While Subway is a quick and tasty way to get a quick meal, it is the perfect place to get something delicious!

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