Does Subway Wash Their Vegetables? (+ Other Common Faqs)

This is a sandwich that is baked, not cooked with oil and garlic in the oven. After slicing up bread, you put cheese, ham, spinach or other vegetables in the bread and put it in the oven or under the grill to make it toasted.

Subways lettuce is actually washed in a water/salt solution that is not harmful to humans. The lettuce is then tossed around in a spinning salad bowl. So no, Subway does not wash their lettuce or tomatoes.

Does Subway Wash Their Vegetables In 2022?

Vegetables at Subway are often washed as part of the preparation process as well as being sliced and served to customers. Subway vegetables often arrive frozen, but are fresh within their bags, with deliveries as frequent as twice a week to top franchises. Additionally, Subway supports sustainable agriculture and works with suppliers who grow vegetables ethically as part of their “The Subway of Tomorrow” program.

At the bottom of their ingredients list, Subway does say if the vegetables are washed and prepared. So, we know that Subway uses a vegetable supplier and the majority of their ingredients are safe for vegans.
So, in short though, I would say that yes, Subway’s vegetables are safe for vegans.

Does Subway Wash Their Lettuce?

Subways uses a washing method to prepare their vegetables. This is a standard process for some of the vegetables that are served to their customers. Lettuce is stored in a refrigerator, and is often washed. Other vegetables, such as potato chips, are often frozen and/or are washed.

It has been confirmed that people are also able to eat the vegetables in the restaurants as the food is stored for a long period of time.

Where Does Subway Get Its Vegetables From?

You can’t say Subway doesn’t support sustainability. Their vegetables are local, for example they are grown by the farmers in the local area. And for the vegetarian options, they are completely plant-based.

Subways sources their vegetables from different states. Including, tomatoes come from Ohio, and bell peppers come from Florida. And, cucumbers sold in Subway come from Georgia.

The California Tomato Farmer’s Association is made by the farmers who grow them and it works to promote their quality to the general public.

The Subway menu features sandwiches, salads, and soups, which is a good option for those who are vegetarian. Each ingredient on this menu is carefully sourced. For example, the bread is made from a mixture of flours including stone ground wheat flour, organic whole-wheat bread flour, rye flour, corn flour and other specialty flours.

Subway is also a member of the National Restaurant Association and the International Franchise Association, which is a good sign for the company’s long-term growth.

How Fresh are Subway Vegetables?

The Subway workers have also found that the restaurant is not sourcing ingredients from local farms as it has claimed.

The new service will include vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes and onions that are washed before use, to avoid cross-contamination with food that has not been properly cleaned.

Subway stores will take daily orders of vegetables and slice them for the sandwich building area. The company has been accused of using subcontracted labor. Workers from other countries have come forward, alleging that the company pays them less than minimum wage and does not provide benefits.

Pickled vegetables such as cucumber pickles, olives, banana peppers and jalapenos will arrive in stores right before they are prepared.

They import vegetables like lettuce and spinach from other countries and then serve and wash them and clean them in stores.

There are some people who think that even if Subway makes their own fresh vegetables, the overall quality is low.

The lettuce at Subway is picked, processed and packaged before being sent to Subway a minimum of once a week. Therefore, the lettuce in Subway will typically be around 22 days old before being served.

Subway makes sure that its fresh bread is stored in a clean environment, and that all its products are prepared according to the health codes of its suppliers.

Are Subway Vegetables Real?

When Subway vegetables are delivered to the franchises, they are shipped to a distribution center. The distribution center takes responsibility of storing them and sending them to Subway franchises across the country when the vegetables are needed.

The process involves sending the produce to distribution centers for frozen distribution. A lot of Subway workers would use the good food, meaning that the leftover food will be thrown away. This way, the process of sending the produce to distribution centers for frozen distribution will allow Subway’s workers to use as much of it as they need, saving as much food as possible.

Is Subway Considered Clean Eating?

What’s weird, is Subway is considered to be a healthier alternative to fast-food and that’s why I was so excited about their spinach and tomato salad.

Subway sandwiches and subs come with a number of protein sources, including meat, cheese, and vegetables. They also offer low calorie options, including veggie subs, and various low-carb options. They offer many low-calorie options, including veggie subs, and various low-carb options.

The result of these healthy decisions could possibly lead to people making healthier eating decisions for the entire family.

What Vegetables Does Subway Serve?

Subway offers customers a wide variety of vegetables that can be added to sandwiches, salads or any other menu item. In fact, customers can add as many vegetables as they wish with no cost.

The vegetables Subway offers include pepper, lettuce, pickles, black olives, cucumber, tomato, spinach, jalapeno and red onion.

To learn more about Subway, you can also check out our posts about who gets Subway’s most popular sandwiches, if Subway uses fresh food in their sandwich, and if Subway sandwiches are good for you.


We are providing all the vegetables in the market without any charge. This is being done as our gesture of gratitude to the customers who have been with us for long and have become a part of our family. We have also taken this initiative to provide our customers the best quality and freshest vegetables.

As a thank you, customers are given a complimentary bread free of charge and can request for as many breads as they’d like.

It has been said that Subway sources the vegetables they use for their sandwiches from sustainable farmers and aims to reduce the impact of harming the planet by using local distribution centers to source their vegetables.

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