Does Subway Make Its Own Bread? (not What You Think)

One of the menu items at Subway is the sub. Sub means “submarine” in this case. The sub is really a sandwich meant to be made with a variety of types of bread, and it is a popular menu item.

If you love Subway sandwiches, you’ll love the fact that you can find a bread that is made in-house. Subway’s bread comes from a company called Entenmann’s. This company may be part of the Dunkin’ Donuts family, but Entenmann’s bread is different.

Does Subway Make Its Own Bread In 2022?

Subway no longer makes its bread in-store, and now is made from three food production companies: Lineage Logistics, Southwest Baking, and Aryzta. Furthermore, these food companies develop new bread recipes for Subway, which contains healthier products and improving flavors for Subway customers.

For more information about if Subway uses fresh bread, including what type of bread is available at Subway stores, and more, just keep reading!

Who Makes The Bread For Subway?

With the new factory, Subway will be able to bake and package its bread without the need to refrigerate it, which will save on time and money.

That means no bread would even reach the restaurants until you do business with one of these three.

These companies are important for Subway as they develop the bread for the sandwiches, which are made from high-quality, wholegrain flour.

Substrate is a company whose desire for great quality bread led them to work with Subway and be a part of the project.

Does Subway Cook Its Own Bread?

While Subway does not manufacture its bread, it pre-cooks its bread before serving it to customers when it arrives, and that is why it is called Subway bread.

It gets its name from the fact that there are no counter service lines in any of Subway’s restaurants. Instead, each customer orders their food at a self-service ordering area and then brings the food back to place it on the tray.

How Does Subway Make Its Bread Every Day?

So the bread gets baked in a factory and frozen ready to be delivered.

The bread is first defrosted and then proofed to form the bread. Once the bread is proofed, it is baked through the day.

Then, Subway season the bread with the various ingredients needed to make the different flavors before baking them in the oven. Then…

When you buy bread at Subway, you can make sure you get the right size and shape.

When the bread is being cooled its racks are placed on a conveyor system.

What Kind Of Bread Does Subway Use?

Subway offers a variety of bread within its stores, available in six-inch and 12-inch sizes, depending on your preference. The bread is baked fresh every morning and available seven days a week.

If you are allowed to add any of the other flavors you may want to try this one out!

Where Does Subway Buy Its Bread?

Bakers of wheat bread for America’s favorite sandwich are currently suffering due to a shortage of flour. The United States and Canada are both asking all countries to ban exports of wheat.

But this does not mean that the Subway staff gets to bake and prepare the bread themselves.

What Is Subway Bread Used For?

The bread is part of the submarine sandwich which is why Subway is named for.

Originally the restaurant was a submarine sandwich shop, before expanding the menu as the business grew.

Bread is available in different sizes. In general, the price of a sandwich increases as the size increases.

Grilled chicken and pepper jack cheese.
Grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, avocado, and cheddar cheese.
Italian sub.
Turkey and Swiss.
Ham, salami, lettuce, and provolone.

…which is to say, you can actually get it exactly the way you want it.

I can customize the ingredients of my sandwich by selecting a bread type and a sandwich type.

If you go on Instagram and ask the question “what is gluten-free sub”, you will see that many people say no but there seems to be very few clear answers.


Subway is now using bread products from three companies, including Southwest Baking, Aryzta, and Lineage Logistics.

And now, you’ll know the nutritional information before you buy your sandwich.

We’re trying to make this world a better place for our customers and each has its own unique benefits.

A footlong sandwich is sometimes called a submarine sandwich, but there’s also a footlong called a submarine.

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