What Are The Sauces At Subway? (full List + Other Faqs)

Subway is known for having a wide variety of ingredients that go into their sandwiches and an extensive array of sauces for these sandwiches.

I researched the items available, and I have determined that a large number of people are not aware of ingredients. I have provided the entire list.

What Are The Sauces At Subway In 2022?

The “sauce” section has at least 20 different sauces, some of which are vegetarian as well as others; there are also plenty of non-vegetarian sauces. As for the number of sauces on your sandwich, there’s no limit to how many you can put on your sandwich.

When you’re talking about sauces, Subway is a restaurant that serves all sorts of different sauces.

What Sauces Are Available At All Subway Restaurants?

The sauces you are able to find at your Subway should be able to fulfill all your needs.

Are There Any Healthy Sauces At Subway?

Subway is known to have health and healthy options like chicken, turkey, and vegetarian/vegan sandwiches.

There is only one sauce called the Subway Sauce, and it is healthier.

What Limited Sauces Are Available At Select Subway Stores?

They are called Secret Sauce and only a select number of stores get them.


And the list goes on, but I doubt that they will all be available in your area.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Sauces I Can Get At Subway?

You can buy as many sauces as you want and even mix them all in one large pasta plate.

If you want to pair them, you can mix them, but not all will go together.

BBQ and Southwest are my favorite flavors so combine them and you get a well rounded flavor.

Technically, you can get every sauce that your Subway has available on a single sandwich, but the Subway employee may refuse to add anything more than salt, pepper and ketchup to your sandwich (if you’re lucky, that is).

To know more about the Subway concept, you can also read our posts on whether or not Subway has a sandwich, if Subway has a salad, and if Subway has a seafood sub.


They have a large selection of sauces that cover a range of flavor profiles, from spicy, sweet, sour and more.

The menu also features a number of veggie-based side dishes, including a whole-wheat pasta salad with artichokes and olives.

There’s an official limit, but you can get however many you want; it’s all about how many you want to order. The restaurant charges for sauces in small portions.

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