What Is Tim Hortons’ Steak Sauce? (all You Need To Know)

If you’re looking to get a meal at Tim Hortons and have heard of the steak sauce, you should learn that steak sauce is Tim Hortons steak sauce.

If you’re a Timbits lover, you’ll be happy to know that the chain has a secret ingredient that has been used for over 40 years.

What Is Tim Hortons Steak Sauce In 2022?

If you want to try Tim Hortons roast beef craveable sandwich but do not want to risk it being without a steak sauce, a sauce alternative is Roasted Garlic Tomato Sauce. This is an excellent sauce that has a creamy texture.

If you’re more interested in the steak sauce itself, keep on reading! The information we’ve gathered is presented below.

What Is Tim Hortons Steak Sauce Made From?

Tim Hortons never discloses the recipe for their steak sauce. However, it’s probably a thick brown gravy with a creamy base.

What is Tim Hortons Steak Sauce Used in?

Tim Hortons is also looking to re-position the Roast Beef Craveables menu item. They are also looking to expand the Beef Craveable sandwich into other formats. Also, they are considering different beef products for the Roast Beef Craveable sandwich.

Is Tim Hortons Steak Sauce Available in Packets?

Tim Hortons does not sell bottles or packets of its steak sauce as it is a special sauce, added only to certain menu items.

Can You Request Extra Tim Hortons Steak Sauce?

Tim Hortons does not specifically say not to put extra steak sauce into a sandwich.

Some staff are likely to take you up on this if you ask nicely for extra steak sauce.

Can You Add Tim Hortons’ Steak Sauce to Other Items?

You cannot mix Tim Hortons’ steak sauce with anything on the menu.

How Much Extra Is Tim Hortons Steak Sauce?

Roast Beef Craveable sandwiches are also available at participating Tim Hortons restaurants in Canada.

Is Tim Hortons’ Steak Sauce Vegan?

Tim Hortons does not say anything about steak sauce, it just so happens that the steak sauce is only available on a meat sandwich that isn’t vegan.

How Many Calories Are in Tim Hortons’ Steak Sauce?

The number of calories in Tim Hortons’ steak sauce is only a part of your sandwich, not all of it.

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Is Steak Sauce Available at All Tim Hortons Locations?

Tim Hortons has a new Roast Beef Craveable sandwich on the menu. The sandwich is now available at most of their locations in Canada, with the exception of the Atlantic provinces, Quebec, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Can You Get Tim Hortons Steak Sauce at Home?

Tim Horton doesn’t offer their steak sauces for at-home consumption. This means there is not bottled sauce available for purchase at grocery stores.

Do You Have to Get Steak Sauce on the Roast Beef Craveable?

You don’t have to get Steak Sauce on your Roast Beef Craveable, you can just use your sauce or gravy of choice to coat the roast beef.

When ordering your pasta, you’re going to want to ask that they hold it for you!

Is Tim Hortons’ Steak Sauce Good?

Some Tim Hortons goers like roasted beef on the Roast Beef Craveable sandwich. But don’t expect to find it on other Tim Hortons dishes.

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It is not a requirement to be halal, and it is not a requirement to be kosher or vegan.
However, the company is aware of the requirements that halal and kosher and vegan require, and they prepare their food to those standards.
For example, they offer halal-only breakfast options.


 Many Tim Hortons customers are pissed to find out that the sandwich they love isn’t even available at all restaurants.  Tim Hortons restaurants are only serving a Roast Beef Craveable sandwich for now.

A Toronto Sun report says that Tim Hortons is considering selling the sandwich in boxes at the grocery stores where they are already sold. Tim Hortons currently sells a number of products in grocery stores, including their Timbits, Timbits N’ More, and Timbits Fries and Fries.

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