15 Things To Know Before Buying Costco Batteries (complete Guide)

All the times when you charge your phone at work, or your notebook at bedtime, you are using power from the local grid, but the average American vehicle only uses 20 percent of the energy consumed during a typical driving day!

Costco has a great selection of batteries. You can always count on it to have cheap prices and great discounts on brand names like Duracell, Energizer, and Panasonic batteries.

15 Things to Know Before Buying Costco Batteries In 2022

1. You Can Buy Costco Batteries for Electronics

Batteries are one of the most common household items that can cause fire hazards in your home. The biggest fire hazard that comes from batteries is that they can cause fire if they are in contact with an ignition source. To keep your home safe from fire hazards, use these tips to make sure you know how to safely store your batteries.

The Costco has a wide variety of rechargeable batteries in different sizes and types, as well as AA, C, D, and AAA batteries. The store does not sell batteries for watches, however.

In the store, the [Paraphrase] part of the question is the title of a section called “Electronic Devices & Power” that is near the back wall of the store. These are the items the people in that section are selling, and the products are all electronic. You will need to find the section and start there.

2. You Can Get Costco Batteries for Vehicles

Costco can sell you batteries for boats and cars, but they also sell them for recreational vehicles like motorhomes, golf carts, mowers, ATVs, and motorcycles.

3. Costco Batteries are Manufactured By a Well Known Brand

Costco is one of the many companies that produces batteries. For Costco batteries, the company is only responsible for producing the batteries and for giving them a Costco label.

Kirkland Signature is a brand that Costco uses. The manufacturer that Kirkland Signature batteries come from is Duracell. Costco puts their label on the product and then sells the product.

The founder, Craig Jelinek, told me that he was going to close the doors and the whole thing was a big disappointment.

He has signed away his trademark on batteries to Duracell. Jelinek says that Duracell is not making the batteries anymore, but that Duracell is making the batteries. He signed away his trademark on the batteries so that Duracell can make the batteries.

You may or may not be aware of the fact that Costco batteries are the exact same thing, but that doesn’t make them better.

4. Costco Batteries Cost a Fraction of Name Brand Batteries

The average cost of a AA NiMH for a pack of 72 or 40 is 29 or 21 cents per cell, respectively, while a pack of AA Alkaline is $0.65 per cell.

Costco’s prices are close to the ones in big box stores, such as Walmart, Home Depot, etc. They aren’t low, but I can’t say that they’re really much more expensive than Walmart.

I dunno, the Duracell batteries are much better than the Energizer ones, and I like the design better too.

5. You Can Pick up the Name Brand in the Costco Batteries Section, Too

Costco is a place where you can buy items that are popular, but it doesn’t offer the best products.

Unfortunately, Kirkland Signature batteries come in only AA and AAA. If you need anything different from those types, you will have to buy a brand name.

6. The Quality of Costco Batteries is Assured

Duracell batteries in the Kirkland Signature line are truly amazing, and if you are a Costco member you can enjoy the savings you get after using your Costco membership card as your Duracell card.

The batteries are comparable with Duracell and Duracell gave them an 80/100 score, rating them as a best buy in the AA battery field.

7. When You Buy Costco Batteries, You’re Getting a Lot at Once

If you buy any Costco batteries, make sure to find room for them. There are 72 batteries inside a Kirkland Signature pack, which is enough power to run for about an hour at a high wattage stereo setup.

You don’t have to pay for the battery. They’re included in your price.

If you have a larger family, this is the place to get batteries for all those toys and games that they’re constantly wearing out.

8. The Company Sells One Brand of Costco Batteries for Vehicles

And Interstate batteries are sold in Costco because Costco likes Interstate batteries.

Interstate batteries are made by a number of different makers including Interstate, but are consolidated and sold under the Interstate label.

It is well known that Interstate batteries are more reliable than any other brands of batteries. It is widely known that Costco only sells Interstate batteries because they are the only batteries guaranteed to have a certain level of quality.

9. Interstate Makes Costco Batteries for Multiple Vehicle Types

Costco doesn’t have to partner with multiple car battery companies because Interstate has a comprehensive product line. In addition, Interstate has a long-term strategic relationship with several suppliers, including Duracell, Sanyo, and many others.

Automotive batteries are primarily sold to customers, such as car manufacturers. Recurisvely, the company also sells recreational and standard flooded batteries. It also sells flooded batteries and AGM absorbent glass mat batteries.

The difference in batteries is the size, the size of the battery determines the voltage, the voltage determines the power, the power determines the amperage, the amperage determines the life of the battery.

10. Costco Batteries for Vehicles Come With a Generous Warranty

Buying vehicles from Costco provides consumers with a three-year warranty for all parts, as well as any manufacturer’s warranty.

If your battery ever fails, you can bring it into any Costco. Then you don’t have to worry about disposing of it. They even pay you for used batteries.

But it doesn’t have to be Costco!

11. Don’t Expect the Store to Install Your Costco Batteries

Costco doesn’t install automotive batteries either but it has had numerous problems installing them.

You may find that if you have a Costco membership, they may be willing to offer help to you in regards to replacing the door.
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12. Costco Batteries for Vehicles Were Once Also Made By a Name Brand

Not really. Kirkland Signature is a high quality brand sold by Costco.

Costco was the only place in the country who could supply you with a vehicle. They were never in retail stores. They had an auto showroom. They were also located on the outskirts of major cities. They had only one branch as I remember.

13. The Retailer Also Got Rid of Another Manufacturer of Costco Batteries

Costco no longer offers the premium Optima rechargeable battery, which made its debut in 2008. This was a result of the company’s shift towards Kirkland Signature and PowerBanks, with the company focusing on its more robust brands as it readied its stores for the holiday shopping season.

Costco is pretty sure that all the other brands are inferior quality, so it only orders Interstates.

14. You Can Buy Costco Batteries for Vehicles Online, Even Without a Membership

My grocery shopping is also cheaper because the Costco in my area has a “buy one get one free” promotion on some grocery items, which I always take advantage of.

I would just take advantage of Costco for everything. They have great prices and I have always found them to be very friendly.

15. Interstate Costco Batteries are Still Reliable and Affordable

Interstate batteries got a lot of praise from reviewers who gave them a rating above four stars. They even received five stars in five categories.

The ATV category is a little more difficult because there are so many of them in terms of the different makes of vehicles. To be sure, you need to evaluate the different makes and models that are on the market.

Walmart and AutoZone have similar price, so you’ll be getting the same products at a similar price which is a good thing.

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Costco Batteries are an economical and safe battery option for many devices, and while most of these products will perform well, some will work a little better or worse than others.

If one is concerned about the price of batteries over time, Costco offers a 10% discount on purchases of both types of batteries. This means that the price of batteries can be lower than the $4 in most cases.

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