Does Costco Change Watch Batteries? (try This Instead…)

You can buy a new watch for [whatever reason] and get a discount because you’re paying through [organization]. It’s a win-win.

Costco is one of the few places where you can get watch batteries for about $10 cheaper than anywhere else. However, if you buy the watch batteries from a different store, the original store might be able to swap it for you. Also, since Costco is one of the big 3 companies, you can’t find it on any other website.

Does Costco Change Watch Batteries In 2022?

However, Costco has changed its watch battery policy. Costco no longer offers watch battery change service. And, instead, you can simply visit a store like Kohl’s and have the watch batteries replaced for $5-$10.

You can learn to fix most things yourself.
Replacing watch batteries is easy.
Costco sells replacement batteries.

Does Costco Sell Watch Battery Replacements?

Costco does not officially sell replacement batteries for watches. Even though Costco sometimes carries replacement batteries for watches, the retailer does not have an internal stock of 2032 sized batteries.

Please consult the official Costco website for a current list of where to purchase replacement batteries.

Additionally, these batteries are not interchangeable with the other 2032 batteries, so for maximum compatibility, look for a 2032 battery that is compatible with all of your watches.

Where Can You Get Watch Batteries Changed?

In addition to watch repair, a watchmaker will often be able to help with battery changes.

The United States Postal Service also provides free, or a nominal fee, watch battery replacement service to customers (with a proof of purchase) at more than 800 post offices.[3]
For watch batteries, the USPS service uses the same battery-handling procedures as the U.S. Department of Defense.

If you want to change your watch battery by yourself, you can buy some watch batteries replacement kits at some stores.

Can You Change Watch Batteries Yourself?

While it may be possible to change the battery yourself with the right knowledge, it will be more efficient to have professional repair your watch.

If you plan to open your watch yourself, you will need a watch case opener and a right size battery.

The size of the battery should be the same as that of your watch, if it’s a digital watch, then you will have a normal sized watch battery.

The opening of the watch is very easy. You just need to carefully remove the old battery from the watch, and replace with the new one.

You can also check out this quick how-to video to better understand the steps involved in replacing the old watch battery with a new one.

Do Jewellers Replace Watch Batteries?

It’s hard to say if the batteries are included or not, but if they aren’t, you should be able to find a store or manufacturer that will replace them for free.

Do not expect that if you have a complaint about staff or procedures that you will get a resolution. If you have a complaint about staff or procedures, your best bet is to complain to the Dean (or the Dean’s office).

How Much Do Jewellers Charge To Replace Watch Batteries?

Although the price for a watch battery replacement varies across stores, you would be able to expect to pay between $5 and $10 to replace a battery.

There are better and cheaper ways to charge your watch, including recharging via USB. I’ve used the USB charging cable from my iPad before. It works great. There are many USB charging cables available here or on Amazon.


Costco does not offer replacement services for mechanical watches, however, it is possible to get your watch repaired for between $15 and $35.

First buy a battery opener from eBay or wherever.
Carefully open the watch to disconnect the new battery from the case and place the new battery in the case.
Replace the battery cover.
Replace the band
Put the watch back together.

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