Does Costco Install Car Batteries? (do This Instead)

Costco is a great grocery store that provides a wide selection of products, great deals, and a great experience for its customers.

As a Costco member, you can have a car battery installed by your local Costco professional right on site while you wait!
What is the installation procedure?
There are two options to have a new car battery installed.
The first option is to have a Costco member pick it up from your location.
The second option is for the member to install it themselves.

Does Costco Install Car Batteries In 2022?

Costco currently does not offer customers the ability to install car batteries. However, Costco does have car batteries for purchase and install in the warehouse at discounted rates.

If you need to learn more about Costco’s range of car batteries, member deals, and alternative places to get your car battery replaced, keep on reading!

Costco Car Battery Prices

Costco is one of the few retail stores that don’t sell batteries in their stores.

Costco charges anywhere from $60-$100 for their batteries; this can be a difference of $15 up to $40 compared to other retailers that sell car batteries. These Costco batteries are not the same as home batteries.

It’s also been a while since I’ve heard of anything like this. But, you can also pay a fee for the battery recycling, if so. Also, check with Costco to see if they do.

Battery Types Available at Costco

Costco was found to be selling counterfeit products from another manufacturer, Interstate Batteries.

Costco is an American company that sells batteries from this brand. Standard Flood Batteries are the standard type of batteries sold at Costco, whereas AGM (Absorbed Glass-mat) batteries are of the higher-quality type.

Alternatives For Getting Your Battery Installed

While Costco sells and installs car batteries. It does not install them. That is the job of a third party.

You have a few options for you Costco customers.

Does Costco Offer Warranties For Their Batteries?

If your Costco battery is under warranty, you should visit the service center and be sure of the battery’s condition.

(1) If the defect is caused by the battery supplier or
(2) If the battery is installed in a product that has been sold and has been installed in at least one customer.

– Please check whether this product satisfies the warranty or not.

Buying a Car Battery Online From Costco

The second option is to visit Costco where they have an awesome selection of batteries and other electronic products.

You want to make sure that you fill in the details with as much information as possible and you should make sure to include your make, model, year and engine type.

If you go to the nearest Costco, Costco should be able to determine whether there is an available car battery at that store.

If you are not able to find any batteries at the Costco nearest to you, then you can search other locations, such as warehouses in other zip codes.
[Poster]: The number of batteries that I have in my car is a lot lower than the number that my friend has.

Costco oil changes are great, the prices are great, and if you lease a car and keep the car for a couple of years, the monthly cost for a Costco membership and the service will be a better deal.


Costco is a warehouse store that sells low prices on a variety of household and business items. If a customer purchases a car battery that costs $65 from Costco, then charges the battery to their car at another store, they are likely to save more money by purchasing a new car battery from Costco than going directly to a replacement store to have Costco install the battery.

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