Does Autozone Install Batteries? (your Full Guide)

They don’t have all the tools and technology to install a car battery, so they need to take their vehicle to a professional.

If you’d like a reliable battery for your car, no matter what condition it is in, AutoZone is your best bet. They offer different types of batteries, including 12-volt, deep cycle, gel, and more.

Does AutoZone Install Batteries In 2022?

The only exception is if they have to remove a part that is in the way. They’ll recommend you contact the manufacturer to have the part changed out. If AutoZone thinks the battery installation will take too much time, or you ask them to help you complete this task, they will direct you to a company.

There are a few things you should know before you buy a battery for your vehicle, here we’ll walk you through what you should know before purchase a battery.

Does AutoZone Install Batteries for Free?

AutoZone has a free battery installation service for it’s customers, but only if they’re customers. This installation takes 15 minutes or less.

To learn more about the battery, click here to view the technical specs for this battery.

When the battery is located within an easily accessible area, it will not cost you for installation services.

Some car companies put the batteries where it is easy to take them out without having to remove any parts of the engine.

If the battery is in a strange location on the vehicle, then AutoZone cannot offer the same guarantee of safety, because the battery is not installed in the way that it should be.

You can have your battery installed at AutoZone. But you need to check as to whether there will be any additional cost for the installation.

You don’t need to buy a separate battery for your electric car, and you don’t need to be aware of your battery’s health and charging needs so that you can avoid the problem of over or undercharging. You can install an electric car charging station from the start (which is why I recommend you purchase the station and connect it to the charger on your car), and you can also charge your car by plugging it into a regular electrical outlet (which is why most electric car owners use a standard household wall socket).

When choosing your car repair shop, look at your budget first if you want to buy a car battery.

If you’re not sure of the best way to do it, you can receive a battery price quote at AutoZone and we can provide you with the batteries that meet your budget and that are best for your needs and the battery service you need.

However, if you want to buy a high end battery and have longer warranty, the average cost is about $100 – $200.

How Does AutoZone Battery Installation Work?

If the battery passes the testing, the AutoZone employees will install the new battery.

You should never charge a battery without plugging it into a charger. This is not only dangerous but could also shorten the life of the battery.

In the unlikely event that the power cord is damaged or a battery needs to be replaced, AutoZone technicians will install the missing part.

What Types of Batteries Does AutoZone Install?

In the battery, the chemicals are in the form of electrolytes and the plates. They consist of active material, electrolyte, and the plates. The battery itself is a secondary cell. Secondary cells are the opposite to electrolysis cells.

AutoZone has a variety of batteries in its inventory ranging from 12V to 96V. Before buying a battery, always consult the owner’s manual or technical handbook to get the correct type of battery.

AutoZone carries deep cycle batteries, gel cell batteries, valve-regulated batteries, and dry cell batteries. The brands the store carries include Duralast, Duracell, Econocraft, Optima, and Valucraft.

> If the original part requires replacement, you can count on AutoZone to help you quickly and easily find the replacement part or parts.

You can get performance batteries for cars from Odyssey for around $100-150. Optima is an expensive battery brand. You can get them anywhere from $400-800. Valucraft is an affordable option, costing around $15-30. Econocraft is a budget brand, which starts at around $10-20.

Additionally, AutoZone has batteries of all voltages and capacities for all types of appliances and equipment, including motorcycles and powersports, marine, lawn and garden, and RV.

The best type of battery to use for your car, is the battery that matches the type of vehicle that you have.

Do All AutoZone Stores Install Batteries?

If you want to install the battery yourself, you need to contact the store and check on a battery install policy. Many stores will not do the job. If you are going to a store, make sure to ask before they begin the job.

Each store has technician with different kind of expertise, so if you have complicated issues, it is possible that the technician will refer you to another location for their help.

In addition to offering free warranty service, AutoZone also offers other free services to customers including free testing, free charging, and free recycling in locations.

 It is important to remember that you can always seek the advice of a battery repair technician who has the necessary expertise.

Does AutoZone Install Batteries at Home?

With the advent of online shopping, there is a shift in demand for online auto parts.

You can send your battery anywhere you want, but they may require a signature for delivery.

After you order the item, some of the items will be packed and shipped immediately, while the rest will be packed and shipped after the scheduled delivery date.

*$50 of your order must be on promotional products that you add to your wishlist. [You have no items in your wishlist],
*$75 of your order must be on promotional products that you add to your cart.

While on the other hand, you can also shop online, pickup the battery from your local store, and have it installed by your own mechanic.

While this is great advice, they also recommend that you never pull the battery, as this could cause the battery to go flat in the future.

There is a chance that this thing will make your home much more quiet, but it can be a problem in that, the installation process can be hard and you will need to pay for an electrician to do it.

If you want to know more about AutoZone, you can read posts on what AutoZone products it sells, if AutoZone sells batteries, and if AutoZone charges insurance.


The auto parts store installs and replaces car batteries free of charge at their shop location, however if your battery is in difficult to access locations, such as a trunk or under a hood, make sure to check with the dealership to see if you need to pay for installing or replacing of it.

However it is a problem that can’t be easily resolved by buying a battery from another manufacturer.

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