Does Amazon Own Audible? (all You Need To Know)

Amazon is a large company with many different companies within it. It is involved in many different industries, such as selling books, selling Kindles, selling electronics and is involved in a variety of other industries.

Amazon offers an on-line listening service called Audible, and in addition to these companies, some customers may be curious if Amazon owns Audible. If you’d like to learn the same thing, keep reading this article to see what information I gathered on this topic!

Does Amazon Own Audible In 2022?

Amazon purchased Audible in 2008 and has since made Audible a main factor of the Amazon consumer experience. After purchasing Audible, Amazon’s audiobook sales increased and got them into a position where they are one of the largest audiobook sellers and creators in the world. The purchase of Audible makes Amazon the third largest seller of audiobooks in the world.

In 2011, Amazon acquired Audible for nearly $300 Million dollars. Audible is a digital book service owned by Amazon and offers over a million titles.

Amazon’s Audible has been operating since 2000. When they first started, Audible was only available to Prime subscribers.

Amazon released Audible as a stand-alone product in 2008, and offered it without Prime. Amazon’s Audible offers the same variety of books as, but with digital copies.

Did Amazon Originally Own Audible?

The company was founded back in 1995 by Donald Katz, but was later sold to Amazon and is now a subsidiary of Amazon.

The Audiobooks media player launched in 1997. This player was designed to allow customers to download audiobooks from the internet to the media player directly.

Audible’s “book app” became a popular success, and it continued to be a separate and distinct App from Apple’s iTunes, to which it was a subsidiary until around 2010.

Apple originally had a deal with Amazon but they later changed their mind and the other way around. Amazon later bought apple for $300 million.

When Was Audible Released?

Audible originally took about four years to release their technology into the public, but in 1997, they created their first player, where they could listen to audiobooks with a portable device.

After making an agreement with the publishers to offer their content for a monthly fee, Audible went back to investors and secured over 1,000,000 dollars in funding.

By 1999, Audible was valued at more than $538 million. It quickly rose to become one of the more successful digital media companies.

It’s like you said, you can do a lot with a bit of effort, that’s just the nature of the web.

Why Did Amazon Purchase Audible?

Amazon now has more than 25 years of history, and more than 70,000 titles, with a growing interest in audiobooks and ebooks; both of which are major categories, and both of which have grown quickly.

However, Amazon wanted Audible audiobook services to be integrated with the Amazon Kindle, which had been released a year prior to their acquisition of Audible, and mainly featured eBooks for purchase, for their “Audiobooks on Fire” initiative.

The company will also be offering the audio version of their Kindle books that are available for download directly from Amazon for their own Kindle devices, as well as all other Amazon devices, as they can now be heard better on an audio device, according to Bezos.

How Does Amazon Make Money on Audible?

Amazon makes a profit from Audible through their monthly subscription fee, ads featured within the app, and the audiobooks available for purchase.

They don’t need a billion users because the audience is already there.
But they do have a lot of people who pay to listen to their content and Amazon wants to have a way to keep those people paying for years.
But in order for that to work, they want to be able to sell the data that they get from those people back to advertisers too.
And that’s what this lawsuit is for.

For those who would like to read a book, instead of listening to it, Amazon makes money as you can sign-up to have books sent to you in digital format, usually for a small fee.

Is Audible Available on Amazon Devices?

Amazon Fire devices
Amazon Fire tablets
Amazon Fire TV
Amazon Echo

You can also download Audible on a phone using the Alexa App.

The Audible app is compatible with all the Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX, Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, Kindle HD, Kindle HD 6, and Kindle HD 7 and is also compatible with PCs and Macs with Audible software application, and MP3 players and other music players with Audible file format.

If they do not have Audible, or a device compatible with Audible, they can go to Amazon and listen to it directly, using a computer or Mac.

Is Audible Free for Amazon Prime Members?

With the Audible membership, which costs $14.95 monthly, customers can listen to up to 200 hours of audio books which are downloadable, meaning they can listen to them away from home. These books can be downloaded to their mobile devices, as well as their computers and tablets.

An Audible membership is currently $15.00 per month. Audible does give members one credit for a free audiobook each month. It allows customers to save the credit in their account for use in the store to purchase and download audiobooks.

The Audible experience that you can get from the Audible app is an excellent one. It’s something that you can listen to your favorite shows, movies, or books.

Is an Audible Membership Worth It?

Audible is a good membership for those who like to listen to audiobooks on a regular basis.

When you sign up for AmazonBasics, you get one free audiobook credit per month that you can use to cancel your current subscription or use for an audiobook.

You’re not going to get the full experience of the membership if you’re only going to use the audiobooks occasionally, so it’s not a good idea for people who only use audiobooks occasionally.

It should be noted, however, that Audible comes with a free 30-day trial, and that customers can download audiobooks permanently during this period.

If customers decide to cancel their membership, they can keep the audiobooks that they have paid for.

However, Audible is not a worthwhile app for avid readers, as customers who don’t wish to use the app on a permanent basis can purchase any desired audiobooks within the time-frame of their 30-day free trial, or if the customer does not opt for the 30-day free trial, then a customer who wishes to purchase a book within the duration of his free trial period can do so!

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Amazon wanted to expand their library of digital media (movies and music).

Amazon, now owned by Ebay, is the leading seller of audiobooks (and lots of other stuff). If you go to, you will find that they also sell audiobooks.

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