Does Autozone Buy Old Batteries? (all You Need To Know)

If your car battery dies, you need to safely dispose of it — because it can release harmful metals into the air.

AutoZone will pay you for your old battery and provide you with $125 worth of AutoZone store credit, but the battery can only be returned to a store for in-store credit – you can’t take it back to a store to trade it in for store credit.

Does AutoZone Buy Old Batteries In 2022?

While you can bring any battery to any AutoZone location, there are some batteries that are more likely to qualify than others. If you bring in an old battery with a 12.6 volt or higher voltage, it’s more likely to qualify for this offer.

For more information about how you can keep your old batteries, read on here and keep reading to see how you can return them back to AutoZone!

How Can You Return Old Batteries To AutoZone?

When a battery is fully worn out, you may need to take it to a shop that can dispose of it safely. The best choices for disposal are an auto parts store or AutoZone.

Auto Zone will give you $.15 credit per battery when you bring in a new battery to replace a dead battery.

With that, a small fee is added to new battery purchase to ensure customers buy the old one.

If you bought an alkaline battery, you must not take it out of the protective case. Instead, you need to follow the steps to remove the protective case.

You can get a $22 store credit for buying a new battery. The store credit is listed on the receipt and on the AutoZone website.

Does AutoZone Pay You To Recycle Old Batteries?

All that said, we are committed to ensuring the safety of all our customers and employees. We have already taken steps to ensure that all of our employees are following the guidance and protocols put forth by the CDC and have set up a task force to address the situation.

What it does with those old batteries is it gives you a $10 gift card for electronics that have old batteries in them.

If you have several old batteries at home that need disposing, you can drop them off at AutoZone and receive a gift card for each one.

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Why Should You Return Old Batteries To AutoZone?

You’ll have to dispose of the batteries safely after your batteries have run out of power, as they present a hazard to humans and pets. They can release hazardous chemicals that can damage your health. Also, you can’t just take them to someone else as most people don’t have the knowledge and skills needed to dispose of batteries properly. You’ll have to spend time and money and deal with the hassle.

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batteries are dangerous chemicals and toxic materials which could affect the environment when they are disposed of in the wrong way.

You don’t want to pour your car battery in your trash bin, because it will pollute the air and water in and around the landfill.

Even if the company is not successful in its appeals, the government could not collect penalties for violating the law, and the company may continue to pollute the environment for years.

Pesticides/herbicides are potentially harmful to animals, and in turn to humans when eaten by the animals.

To prevent health issues, you can make sure that the home you choose has a good ventilation system in place. You can also make sure to install windows that can ensure good air flow into the home, not only in the bedrooms, but in the living room as well.

In the past, the manufacturing processes of chemical substances have been carried out by using hazardous materials and toxic chemicals. However, in modern chemical processes, the usage of these hazardous materials and toxic chemicals has been limited. And now, more people are aware of the potential health effects of chemicals in our environment.

Heavy metals are contained in batteries that release toxic gases that contaminate the air humans breathe. You should do your best to dispose of them properly.

Therefore, if you have a dead battery and you take the old batteries to AutoZone for recycling, instead of destroying the materials, the materials can be used to make new batteries.

How Long Do Car Batteries Last?

When your battery is being used it loses its power. This is bad for your car. Heat exposure also affects battery life. When your battery gets overheated it’s very difficult to work properly.

The optimal lifespan for your car battery is three to five years. When taking a car battery into the warmer regions of the country, you should plan on having a new one in three years or less.

If you don’t keep your battery-powered device for long, it’s highly likely that the battery will die out before the warranty period. Thus, you should change the battery once the warranty period is over or if there are red flashes on the screen.

Batteries are the basic components of your car. If your car doesn’t start or you can’t hear the engine over the noise of the wind or a loud sound, you need a new battery.

The staff at the AutoZone will first test the battery of your vehicle. If the battery is dead, you will get a refund for the whole amount you spent on the battery.

We have our previous blog post on AutoZone charging batteries as well. If you are looking for more information, you can go to our previous post on AutoZone battery return policy, does AutoZone installs batteries, and will AutoZone charge my battery.


When you bring in your old battery, and we’re able to locate it, that can actually be a savings over what a standard battery would cost you. If you want to bring in one of your old batteries, they’re going to replace it for you if we can determine it’s even fit for service.

There is also a program that allows people to recycle their old batteries.

The battery is usually sent for recycling when it reaches a certain level, depending on when you brought it in.

You can get a good battery for a reasonable price if you shop around for the best deals on top-quality batteries.

It’s better to take your used battery to an authorized recycler and ensure that it is safe before disposal.


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