Does Autozone Buy Car Parts? (all You Need To Know)

Cars are valuable for the functioning of your car and for how much it is worth, but they become unusable when their lifespan is over.

Can you return the parts from your old car to AutoZone? Can AutoZone buy the parts if you return the old car to them? Find out here!

Does AutoZone Buy Car Parts In 2022?

AutoZone accepts batteries, motor oil, oil filters, gear oil, and fluids as part of its recycling program. You can also return your core to the nearest AutoZone store, which is manufactured and recycled to create new auto parts. You’ll get a $10 gift card with your core. If you aren’t sure what a battery or oil filter core is, check out the Automotive Recycling Guide.

You can always get help from AutoZone’s customer service staff. They can not only help you with your questions about which car parts you can use for your projects, but you can also take advantage of AutoZone’s parts buying service. You can buy auto parts and tools all in one place. The online parts buying service is called and it’s an important service that AutoZone offers to its customers.

What Old Car Parts Does AutoZone Accept?

If you need to dispose of your car parts, here is a list of the ones you can take to AutoZone for its recycling program.

I have never had a car with a battery that was not a lithium-ion based battery. This is the type of battery you will want when you are on a short run.

AutoZone will charge you an extra fee on top of the regular price to ensure that your battery lasts longer and that you don’t have to come and get it replaced until it gets really old.

If your car’s battery is still good then you have to bring it back into the store and ask for the core credit.

For the safety of customers and employees, AutoZone has stopped allowing older vehicle batteries to be brought in to their stores.

To find out more about AutoZone’s recycling program, visit

These are just some of the many kinds of batteries that are used to provide electricity.

You should be careful about auto part prices because you are the one who should decide on them, not the store. If you are a heavy user of a car part, then you should be aware of what the local prices are. If you are a buyer of auto parts, then you will be able to see prices for most of the parts you need to buy on the Internet.

An oil filter is an essential part of keeping your engine running.

AutoZone has a recycling program that collects used oil and oil filters. You cannot recycle your oil filter at AutoZone.

In 2019, AutoZone recycled approximately 11 gallons of used oil. Additionally, over 220,000 tons of old vehicle batteries were recycled into a variety of products.
As of 2019, AutoZone offers a rewards program to incentivize customers to recycle.

You just have to go to an Autozone store and use the products they sell to change your oil.

The federal regulations require that the oil be changed to a specified grade but there may be state laws requiring different standards.

As mentioned above, the laws can vary by state. It is always a good idea to check your local laws to ensure you are complying with them. AutoZone wants to ensure that you are delivering it legally.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, improperly used oil from an oil change can contaminate over a million gallons of fresh water.

You can take them to your local AutoZone, where a technician will do the job for you free of charge.

What Other Places To Sell Car Parts?

I think there is a small chance that you can make some money, but not much.

Recycling centers were one of the first places where to donate to the community.

Recycling centers don’t take old electronics like phones unless they are broken or too old to work.

While it does accept parts such as batteries and oil filters, other companies buy additional parts that can be recycled.

Most recyclers require that you remove all parts from the vehicle, and some will allow you to do so yourself. However, this is not a good option for many people, as parts may be broken, or otherwise unusable.

When car manufacturing is completed, these centers can reuse the old cars parts to remanufacture other car products for sale.

When things get old they get thrown out.

You can also discard certain car parts or accessories. The parts or accessories are usually put into a trash bin.

And so by using the reusable parts, the junkyard gets a cut of the profits because the junkyard pays for these parts.

You can also visit the junkyard and ask them to sell you the parts.

Parts Dealers can offer you a range of car parts, accessories and services
and will often have a repair facility on site as well as access to a large range of parts.
And with a Parts Dealers service, you can be assured that the part you need to repair your vehicle is there to use.

If you ever have any old car parts that are still in good condition, you can sell them as scrap metal.

And you can get the information about them by searching on the

You can choose between taking the parts you need and having them come and pick them up or delivering the part to the buyer. Having them pick up is a perfect way to earn money.

I also wanted to point out that we talked to some great people out there that have actually been in a similar situation and they were able to come out of it, so please make sure you take our advice in a positive and constructive way.


AutoZone accepts products such as automotive batteries, motor oil, oil filters, gear oil and fluids in a recycling program.

Also, you can return your core to the nearest AutoZone store, which is manufactured and recycled to create new auto parts.

This article will walk through how to return a core to a
nearest store location.

Plus, you’ll be rewarded with $10 off your next purchase at AutoZone for parts such as batteries.

In addition to the above sources, you can look at a junkyard or other recyclers if you need to find someone to purchase old parts.

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