Amazon Battery Return Policy (defective Batteries, Used + More)

All items at Amazon are returnable if they don’t go with the seller.

**Note**: As of December 1, 2016, Amazon has expanded their return policy to include items that have been used and damaged.

I personally believe that most customers don’t know this, but Amazon doesn’t issue a return or exchange policy for batteries that you purchase directly from Amazon. However, you can send your batteries back within 30 days of purchasing them.

Amazon Battery Return Policy In 2022

Battery Brands
Amazon provides guidance on specific
battery brands that are compatible so
customers can check whether their battery
is compatible before ordering.

The link to the list of supported brands has been removed since I found that it was not working.

If you would like to learn even more about why Amazon does not accept batteries for return, how to get a refund or a replacement for batteries purchased you can keep reading this article for further tips and information!

Why Doesn’t Amazon Accept Returns for Batteries?

Amazon doesn’t accept returns for batteries (laptop batteries, car batteries, lithium batteries, household batteries, etc) because batteries are considered to be hazardous materials, and if they are defective, they can be a safety hazard to customers and employees.

This means that if the item arrived damaged, was mislabeled, or there was a factory defect, you can either return the item for a refund or exchange it for a new one.

Batteries often have an individual warranty from their brand, and customers can contact them directly with any concerns on repairs or warranty.

Will Amazon Refund Me for a Defective Battery?

Amazon will provide a refund or replacement for a defective battery. They will not, however, be able to process returns for defective batteries.

– For replacement issues, contact our customer care team at 1-800-345-1434, for more information.
– For a refund, please refer to the following link for instructions.

Customers who purchased their batteries directly from Amazon have 3-5 days to get their money back, but customers who purchased from third-party sellers must respond within 2 days.

Due to the high volume of refund requests that come in every year, Amazon offers a service through called the A to Z Guarantee where customers can request that they can get a refund for their purchase if the order is not shipped to them within the 48 hour period. This allows customers to avoid potential issues they might face at a retail store.

Does Amazon Provide Warranties for Batteries?

The battery life of an AmazonBasics product might not match that of a competitor. Most AmazonBasics products have fairly poor battery life. Some AmazonBasics products, however, will last longer than average.

Since Amazon is the world’s largest retailer, it makes sense that brands, including those that I list on Amazon, offer warranties that are good for specific periods of time.

– Customers who are wary of buying batteries online should research the warranties that are offered by brands.
– Amazon carries batteries available with a warranty, which customers can purchase.

Does Amazon Replace Defective Batteries?

If you bought it from Amazon and you want to get a refund instead of a replacement, you can do so.

If you purchased the item from Amazon, you can either fill out a Return or Replacment request, or you can call Amazon customer service and explain the situation.

Customers can also request a replacement for their batteries. Note, however that they can also get more direct help by using Amazon’s 1-800 number.

How Do I Dispose of Defective Amazon Batteries?

The new battery recycling program will allow customers to bring their old energy storage devices to a local hazardous waste recycling center.

If there was a problem with the request, customers will be notified via email.

Amazon customers should note that they should dispose of their batteries in the proper ways depending on the type they purchased and whether or not they are defective.

Please note that the battery box should never be discarded. Take care to safely dispose of the battery box containing the cells which do not have the warning label before breaking the box apart.

Amazon says customers can also call Amazon for information on how to dispose of AmazonBasics batteries.

Now that we have reviewed Amazon return policy, let’s have a look at Amazon return policy.
So, if you return something to Amazon, there are different reasons.
Amazon has a page to find out the reasons to return and the different policies.
This gives us some idea of what you should return to Amazon.
If you are returning something under Amazon return policy, you must have a proof that you are entitled to it.


Amazon does not allow customers to return batteries, whether they are defective or not, as batteries are considered dangerous material and cannot be accepted at the returns center.

You don’t have to return the products you receive to Amazon, but you do have to have the original packaging. If there is a problem with the product, customers may seek a replacement or refund.

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