Advance Auto Parts Battery Return Policy (used, Faulty, Wrong Size, No Receipt + More)

You can’t buy a car battery that doesn’t fit into your car or has been improperly shipped. You have to pay for a replacement or return it.

Every retailer has its own policy on warranty and return. In this video, I will teach you the basic information about the Advance Auto Parts warranty and return policy.

Advance Auto Parts Battery Return Policy In 2022

If you received the wrong battery or if your battery has been damaged, you need to return your battery with the receipt (Original receipt), and the defective battery should be returned with the receipt.
If your battery is not defective, you need to follow the instructions on the package and return it to Advance Auto Parts.

If you’ve bought a battery from Advance Auto Parts and it has failed, don’t worry! You can return that battery for an exchange or get a refund without needing to provide a receipt! Here are the details.

When Can You Return Your Car Battery at Advance Auto Parts?

To receive a return merchandise authorization (RMA), you can mail the package back to Advance Auto Parts for free.

I’m not sure if this is the only option, but if you need to return the battery, for any reason, it may be best to use the return label provided in the box.

If your battery needs to go back to an Apple Store, you can do that within 45 days.

If the transaction is for more than a single item, you need to keep the original receipt as well as the receipt issued for the items that you bought.

If you qualify for this offer, your replacement vehicle will be in stock, and you will receive a refund within 10 business days of your original order. We will only honor exchanges for vehicles that have not been previously shipped.

Will Advance Auto Parts Give You Back Money for Your Old Battery?

If you bought the item inside an Advance Auto Parts store, you will be able to return the battery by using your Advance Auto Parts card.

If you have no proof of battery purchase, the battery will be returned in exchange for a merchandise credit card.

If you purchase a battery with a different price than other battery you will receive a a refund of the price difference.

How Can You Return a Battery With a Warranty at Advance Auto Parts?

Batteries sold at Advance Auto Parts come with a limited warranty period and a warranty card that you have to provide to the retailer.

 This replacement period begins on the day of purchase and expires at the end of the replacement period that was printed on your original sales receipt.
* If there is a difference between these two terms, please use the term that is printed on your original sales receipt.

There is a limit on how long the warranty covers replacements. If you replace the battery, the warranty won’t extend.

Now that you know what a car battery is and what its function is in your car, you need to know how to care for it.
Here’s how to get the most out of your car battery.

All of the batteries in my portfolio are one to four year warranties.

You can return the item and get a refund or replacement, but you do not need to return the item.

That is the full explanation on the warranty conditions.

For battery warranty, you must use only original or authorized battery. If you use battery that you purchased and not original, you cannot claim the battery warranty.

In fact, if the battery was used for race, this can only imply a violation of the terms of the warranty.

To get your vehicle inspected you need to visit the Advance Auto Inspections center.

If you use a driver’s license, military ID, State ID, permanent resident card, or border crossing card, you can leave it with the officers.

If you have purchased the battery from, you can visit a nearby store to get warranty assistance.

If you live in the USA, you’re in luck: if you have a warranty defect, it’s free.

Will Advance Auto Parts Accept a Used Battery?

Advance Auto Parts will not accept the battery that has been installed or used in an other vehicle. It is strictly prohibited to install in another vehicle and returned to Advance Auto Parts.

Batteries are very delicate and will not start charging or work if you put them on a vehicle after being stored for some time.

For further information, please contact us to speak to a customer service team member.

Can You Return a Battery to Advance Auto Parts If It’s the Wrong Size?

If you order a battery and it arrives in the wrong size or quantity, you can return it to Advanced Auto Parts for a replacement.

As a new car owner, you might not know the size for your car. You can return it to the nearest Advance Auto Parts store when it’s time for replacement.

When returning the battery, please make sure you also return it in its original packaging and carry the receipt for the refund to be processed.

Will Advance Auto Parts Accept a Battery With No Receipt?

If you do not have the original receipt. You can still return the battery to Advance Auto Parts stores.

however, the return will not be made in cash, but it will be processed as the lowest selling price within the last 45 days.

You can also find your receipt in the email you receive from one of our service representatives or when you access your Order Status section of your account.

If you haven’t registered with the retailer and can’t track your order, please follow the steps below to ask for a refund or exchange.

If you need more information, you can also read our posts on Advance Auto Parts brake pad warranty, does Advance Auto Parts buys old batteries, and does Advance Auto Parts turns rotors.


Batteries must be returned to Advance Auto Parts within 45 days from the day of purchase. For batteries to be accepted, they must be unused, in their original packaging, and accompanied by the original receipt.

If your return is eligible for replacement, you should complete the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Request online or by phone. The RMA form can be found in your online receipt.

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