Advance Auto Parts Limited Lifetime Warranty (how It Works + More)

Sometimes a store will give you a warranty if the service is good.
Other times a retailer will not give you a warranty for your products.

A lot of online retailers will make you pay for shipping and handling to get parts. However, Advance Auto Parts has a limited lifetime warranty. You can get parts without paying for shipping and handling with their warranty as long as the original purchaser buys the parts from Advance Auto Parts, not elsewhere, and returns it to Advance Auto Parts within 12 months of the purchase date.

What Is Advance Auto Parts’ Limited Lifetime Warranty In 2022?

Advance Auto Parts’ warranty is usually 90 days from the day of purchase. However, some parts can have a more extended period in 2022. For example, some parts can have a two year warranty. In order to receive the warranty, the product must be purchased from an Advance Auto Parts store.

If you are an Advance Auto Parts customer, you are covered by the company’s limited lifetime warranty. Advance Auto Parts is very easy to get in to, and it covers most repairs, such as air filters. The warranty lasts just 13 years, however you can get a longer warranty for just a few extra dollars.

How Does the Advance Auto Parts Limited Lifetime Warranty Work?

In the United States, it is now commonplace for consumers to purchase new cars and appliances without warranties.

It is not enough for you to tell us that the item got damaged in the mail. You have to describe the entire nature of the damage.

The above paragraph will be the basis for the decision on your refund or replacement.
We take all matters of customer’s refund or replacement very seriously. If you believe that the return or refund was not handled properly, you can email us at [My Account page].

This limited warranty coverage is intended for a period of one year. After this period, the Limited Warranty is void.

The store has to first determine whether or not the parts are defective before it will be able to honor this warranty.

You need to return the part with the original receipt, and the part with altered price.

Yes, I think that is right. However, I am sure that you will have no problem finding a local body shop willing to perform an aftermarket installation and service for an aftermarket part.

What Are the Exemptions on the Advance Auto Parts Limited Lifetime Warranty?

Even if the vehicle has only limited lifetime warranty, you may still be able to claim any parts that are defective under the warranty.
In cases that an Advance Auto Parts repair technician may be not be able to figure out the fault, you should seek the advice of an expert, like a mechanic.
When it comes to the part you want to claim from Advance Auto Parts, it should be a part that is not covered by the warranty.

Advance Auto Parts will not replace or refund you if the parts fail due to the following reasons:
1) Your vehicle is out of warranty
2) Your vehicle is over 10 years old
3) Your vehicle is over 150,000 miles
4) Your vehicle has not been maintained per Advance Auto Parts’ instructions.

This retailer will not repair any vehicle in the state that were not properly inspected and/or maintained by an authorized inspection station or mechanic.

The warranty will not apply if the air filter is installed in a gas engine or if the air filter is installed in an engine with an engine control unit.

How Long Is the Advance Auto Parts Limited Lifetime Warranty?

If you buy parts from Advance Auto Parts, Advance Auto Parts will not guarantee the parts for 90 days after the date of purchase.
For more details of Advance Auto Parts Warranty, please call 800-933-2426.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to verify that all the original parts from an Advance Auto Parts store are available prior to purchase.

If you bring the purchase receipt to one of our stores, you can get a refund for a defective part if you bring the part together with the original sales receipt within 45 days from the date of purchase.

If you have lost your original sales receipt, contact your local Advance Auto Parts store to have your information updated.

Does Advance Auto Parts Offer Limited Lifetime Warranty for Commercial Vehicles Parts?

Unfortunately, if you buy parts for commercial vehicles, they have a warranty of 90 days from purchase.

Do Batteries Have a Limited Lifetime Warranty at Advance Auto Parts?

When you purchase a battery at Advance Auto Parts, the free replacement period starts the day of purchase until the end of the period.
[Original Statement]: Advance will replace a defective or missing bulb in any vehicle at no charge for one year.
[Paraphrase Statement]: Advance will replace a defective or missing bulb in any vehicle in the first year.

When you’re buying a new Apple Watch Series 2, you can use the in-warranty repair warranty.

We cannot guarantee the battery warranty on any other equipment or vehicle other than or in addition to what is described in the warranty statement.

What Other Parts Have Warranty Requirements at Advance Auto Parts?

After installation, you should check your network settings in the router and see if there are any problems. If you are using our router-agnostic configuration guide, you should be fine. However, you may need to make minor changes to your network settings if you are using our router-specific manual configuration guide.

The coolers are the most important component of an automotive air conditioning system.

Once you install a new dryer or other parts, it’s important that you also turn off your heater, and disconnect it from the gas line; otherwise, the warranty will become void if you don’t do this during installation.

The clutch kits are designed to be installed on a stock clutch housing.

The OEM clutch kit is not included.

 For your safety and your car’s safety, you must remove the clutch kit before you install your new clutch. You should also avoid changing your clutch in the rain or damp conditions. You should also follow the directions listed on your vehicle’s manual.

Crankshafts are mechanical parts that are used in the engine.
They are used to turn the piston around as it moves up and down.

You must verify the crankshaft OE number matches, and that the engine has no visible damage.

Warranty is limited to the warranty of the original manufacturer only and is not transferable or redeemable against purchase price or any other warranty.

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company worker and single mom. He is a huge fan of music and has a
favorite band.

It is required to replace the fuel filter and the pump strainer during repairs. Also, the fuel tanks should be drained and cleaned during installation.

To learn more about how to get a good price, or to learn more about Advance Auto Parts, you can visit out website.


This product includes one year of warranty through Advance Auto Parts. If the product has a manufacturer defect in materials or workmanship, or is damaged by misuse or accident, then the Advance Auto Parts product warranty will cover a replacement item. Advance Auto Parts will also repair or replace the product. Advance Auto Parts will not cover damage caused by misuse or accidents.

When you buy a good or a product from the listed stores, the limited lifetime warranty can be applied. Normally, the warranty is 90 days from purchase.

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