Does Advance Auto Parts Take Used Oil? (all You Need To Know)

Cleaning out oil tanks that have been used for vehicles, especially those that have been damaged in an accident.

 A lot of people like to buy used oil for various reasons, among them the price, quality, and availability. At Advance Auto Parts, we love used oil and we also specialize in selling it.

Does Advance Auto Parts Take Used Oil In 2022?

If you are not required to use our oil recycling center, you can recycle oil in your car (not on private property) at a drop-off station or at a participating site through the EPA’s National Household Waste Program.

By joining the Advanced Auto Parts oil recycling program, members can save money on their monthly oil expense.

To join the program, oil-cans that are brought to a participating Advanced Auto Parts store are filled with oil and recycled.

How Can You Return Used Oil to Advance Auto Parts Stores?

With the used oil comes a certain amount of fuel that you will need to siphon out of the oil to clean the filter through.

If you want to use the original oil canisters, you must collect every drop and place the oil in the sealed containers made of a suitable plastic, such as polyethylene. You can also use the original oil canisters.

Additionally, make sure to avoid putting the oil in other containers.

If you want to change your engine oil, you can follow these steps from Advance Auto Parts and follow them to get your engine oil changed safely and easily.

Apart from oil, you should also think about recycling your oil filter. Oil filters have 10 oz. of residual oil in them.

What Type of Oil Does Advance Auto Parts Take?

If you have a service engine light, check your oil and add enough, because Advance Auto Parts accepts any type of oil.

Once your engine oil is complete, you can go to stores to recycle it.

If you want to recycle oil, you need to confirm whether the state laws permit recycling. If they don’t, you have to take the oil to the city waste management system.

It is important for people to make sure that the oil is not contaminated with other fluid such as transmission and brake fluid or antifreeze.

Does Advance Auto Parts Charge You to Take Used Oil?

There is no charge for the oil recycling program for the Advance Auto Parts site. They didn’t ask me to pay for it. They just make the statement.

If this statement is accurate, then the Advance Auto Parts website is a deceptive website. The following is a statement by the Better Business Bureau about deceptive businesses.

You can collect old oil and bring it in your car to any Advance Auto Parts store where you fill your oil change service request.

How Much Oil Does Advance Auto Parts Take for Disposal?

When a car is driven, oil is constantly being made and broken down during it’s lifetime. In my experience, most cars don’t last as much as they say they do.

Advance Auto Parts will allow 5 gallons of used oil per person per day. Therefore, if you are taking in more than one person, you can take it in the next day.

However, we do not require the customer to have a container or to go pick up our used oil.

What Does Advance Auto Parts Do with Used Oil?

Advance Auto Parts uses used oil from car owners in order to avoid contaminating the environment.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), oil from a single oil change could contaminate about one million gallons of fresh water if it’s disposed of improperly. One way to prevent this from happening is to use recycled engine oil in your vehicles.

When you recycle your oil into a fuel, then you can use it to heat homes and businesses, as well as power plants that provide electricity.

Re-refined engine oils are equally effective as fresh oil, so it is better not to use them as you may find yourself spending more time and money fixing your car’s engine than just buying the fresh oil in the first place.

If you want to read more about Advance Auto Parts, you can also read posts on when to have an oil change or about Advance Auto Parts warranties.


 The Advance Auto Parts is a store in Pennsylvania where you can recycle used oil.

Advanced Auto will not charge you for delivering your used oil. They will also dispose of the oil properly.

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