Advance Auto Parts Core Charge (what Is It, Fees + More)

You should learn about the different types of charges when you buy car parts and accessories.

You’ll pay extra for the core charge when you buy parts from Advance Auto Parts. It’s a fee to get parts to your car, instead of the usual parts store where you buy your other components. That extra $5 is for the core charge.

What Is Advance Auto Parts’ Core Charge In 2022?

In Advance Auto Parts stores, the core charge also encourages customers to bring back recyclable parts instead of disposing of them incorrectly. The core charge is a core component of Advance Auto Parts that encourages people to bring back recyclable parts instead of disposing of them incorrectly.

This $10 core charge is the same as any other core charge we sell. It provides a solid foundation for your engine and will give you a little more power.

It is included with any block, head or cylinder head purchase. It doesn’t matter what size block you choose, there is a core charge available for you.

What Is a Core Charge?

Advance Auto Parts added a core charge to most automotive parts to push customers to buy the old ones when they want new ones.

A core charge is like a deposit; therefore, you’ll get it back when you return it.

How Does a Core Charge Work?

Recyclable parts include wheels, brake pads, brake fluid, fluids, and others which are able to be recycled.

There is a new policy for the refund of the core charge.
The customer will be asked to pay the refundable core charge at the time of purchase.

How Do I Get My Core Charge Back at Advance Auto Parts?

After you have completed the repair, the refund will be reflected within 10-12 business days and usually takes between 24-48 hours.

However, if you ordered the part online or you don’t live near a physical Advance Auto Parts store, you can mail the part to the store using the instructions on the packing slip.

If you ordered the part online from Advance Auto Parts, remember to print your packing slip or download it from the Advance Auto Parts website.

If you do not have a receipt with you, you may contact customer service and get additional information on how to return the part.

The financial institutions that handle these payment transactions will not be able to help you because they do not have a means for you to provide a valid refund.

But if you didn’t buy the part from the Advance Auto Parts store you cannot get a refund. You can only get the refund if you shopped at one of their stores.

How Much Is the Core Charge at Advance Auto Parts?

The cost of utilities could be mandatory charges set by the municipality. These are called mandatory core charges.

What this means is that the core charge and taxes that you will get charged for buying auto parts at Advance Auto Parts stores will vary depending on the state from which you buy.

If you purchase batteries from us, we’ll give you the actual number of charges that you will get for the cost of the battery.

What Is Advance Auto Parts’ Core Return Policy?

Returning a car to the Advance Auto Parts store has its own policy and return times.

This is only an example and not legal advice. If you require specific legal advice then please consult your local attorney.

You will not be eligible for a refund until the part has been received at the store. Furthermore, all the fluids should be drained before the part is returned to the manufacturer.

You should always keep the original receipt, whether you’re returning the item in person or via mail. This makes it easier to track your transaction.

If your customer has lost the original receipt, you can request the original copy of the receipt from your customer’s order confirmation email.

Make sure to not use the exact same serial number as the item you bought previously.

So if we don’t fulfill the requirements, they’ll send it back. We aren’t eligible for reimbursement at all.

Advance Auto Parts will refund you using the same payment method used to make the original purchase; however, you can also carry your credit card to the store.

As always, if you’re unsure whether or not a purchase qualifies for an exchange or refund, our Customer Service team is happy to assist you with your return.

Orders placed online can only be returned for exchange, and if there is an error on the order, the customer needs to contact their retailer to get the item replaced with another one.

If a customer wants to return an item, they should contact Customer Support of the retailer, and send the item back within 3 working days.

How Long Do You Have to Return a Core to Advance Auto Parts?

Cores are eligible for a refund or exchange for a store credit ONLY when they are returned to an Advance Auto parts store within 45 days.

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Advance Auto Parts will now charge for certain repairs as well as add a recycle fee, which is a deposit you must pay back when you return scrap parts.

This retailer needs to add a core charge to each part you buy, to encourage customers to return the old parts instead of disposing of them incorrectly. This is called a core charge because it makes it hard to dispose of these parts incorrectly.

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