Advance Auto Parts Brake Pad Warranty (your Complete Guide)

Most car manufacturers and auto parts companies guarantee that the auto parts they produce will last for a certain period of time.

If you buy brake pads online from Advance Auto Parts, you can get a warranty and what that warranty covers.

What Is Advance Auto Parts’ Brake Pad Warranty In 2022?

You will get a replacement brake pad for free if you claim the warranty within the warranty period. This warranty can only be applied if you follow the steps listed on your sales receipt and the brake pads are free from defects.
Once claims have been accepted, you will receive an email containing the applicable manufacturer warranty and the return address.

Find out more about the parts and service you can receive if you receive an issue with your brake pads that aren’t covered by Advance Auto Parts’ warranty.

How to Claim Your Brake Pads Warranty at Advance Auto Parts

*We are not responsible for any damages to your vehicle, or other vehicles, due to this listing.

You are paying for the product. We do not promise that you will have a certain number of customers, just that we will give you the product.

If you get a car, you need to keep the invoice that was attached to the car receipt with the initial purchase.

They will then confirm with you the warranty period printed on the receipt and check if the brake pads are eligible for a refund or replacement.

What Does the Brake Pad Warranty at Advance Auto Parts Cover?

There’s a warranty on Advance Auto Parts’ brake pads that covers the product. The length and terms of that warranty differ depending on the type of brake pad you buy. Let’s say you bought an AO-5 brake pad and it fails within the first 5,000 miles. Then the warranty is 5,000 miles or 5 years, whichever comes first.

The Advance Auto Part stores are only willing to accept brake pads to be returned for warranty because of a manufacturer defect.

 If the brakes fail, the pads are not covered by the Advance Auto Parts warranty.

And another thing, the warranty only applies when you still own the vehicle. If you sell the car, the warranty becomes void.

A wrong choice can really make you lose and you must know what to do with your vehicle before buying the brake pads.

You can also get more information on the Advance Auto Parts warranty from the employees.

The main thing is to check both the Advance Auto Parts and the Ford websites for more details.

When Should You Claim Your Brake Pad Warranty at Advance Auto Parts?

Brake pads are the components that prevent the vehicle movement, therefore, you should maintain them perfectly.

If your car or truck has an engine problem, make sure you bring it in immediately.
If your car has a problem with its brakes, brakes or transmission check your owner’s manual.
If your car has a problem with its steering, headlights or electrical system, bring your car to Advance Auto Parts for repair and be sure to claim your warranty.
If your car has a problem with its air suspension, air conditioning, seat belts or headrests, bring it to the store for repair.

Your brake pads are pulsating. It can be a sign that there is too much friction on the brake system.

If your car has problems with brakes, then you will see them.

To receive Advance Auto Parts warranty credit, you must mail the parts in question to Advance Auto Parts at our distribution center within the warranty period. Parts must be complete and in operating order to qualify for warranty credit, and parts may be returned to any Advance Auto Parts store;; or online.

The vehicle may have reached it’s top speed but it won’t stop.

You’re at a greater risk of being involved in accidents if your brake pads aren’t working properly.

If your brake pads get thinner, your overall efficiency can reduce and you will have issues stopping the vehicle.

If you damaged the brake pads and the manufacturer is willing to replace them with new ones, then you should contact Advance Auto Parts Customer Support.

It seems that you want to make a dashboard that can be lit up and lighted. That is great.

If you have a problem with your brakes, the dashboard light will come on to warn you.

When you realize the problem is your brake pads, you can have them checked by your mechanic before going to Advance Auto Parts to claim the warranty.

I can easily replace or refund your ticket if the issue is due to a manufacturer’s defect.

You may drive anywhere on the island, but you may only drive on the island up to the mileage limit of your license.

After the brake pads have reached their useful life, they begin to wear more quickly. Usually, you will want to replace them after between 10,000 and 20,000 miles.

If the brake pads are within the mileage limit and warranty period, you have to claim an Advance Auto Parts near you through the warranty service center.

Can You Claim a Brake Pad Warranty for Online Purchases?

And if you bought your car parts from the website, you can still get warranty assistance at your nearest Advance Auto Parts store.

You need proof to claim your rebate, so make sure you purchase an online order confirmation to prove it!

One way to find out if any of the above is true for your vehicle and dealership is to contact the dealership, or call the manufacturer.


Advance Auto Parts has a warranty for brake pads sold in its stores. It means that you can get a replacement, or a full refund, if you return the brake pads within the warranty period.

The product must be delivered with a delivery receipt.
The invoice must be delivered with a delivery note.
The product has been used for its main purpose.
The product must have been used within the warranty period.

You can find more information on the warranty on the website.

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