Does Walmart Replace Headlight, Taillight, Brake, And Turn Signal Bulbs? 

Customers mostly think of Walmart for its range of cheap electronics and consumer goods, but Walmart also offers a range of services and products for car owners.

And because Walmart also offers automotive services, you might wonder if Walmart replaces headlight, taillight, brake, and turn signal bulbs? Here is what I discovered!
And, of course, if you have your car serviced at Walmart, you can buy the bulbs yourself at the store’s Auto Parts department.

Does Walmart Replace Headlight, Taillight, Brake, And Turn Signal Bulbs In 2022?

The process of replacing a bulb requires a number of steps that Walmart requires you to take. Walmart requires that the service adviser ensure that the light is off. The service adviser then replaces the bulb that is broken and installs a replacement bulb. The service adviser provides the customer with a receipt that details the service performed.

We’ll tell you about the automotive services and why you need to get your car fixed at Walmart.

Does Walmart Replace Headlights And Taillights? 

You can also have your headlight bulbs replaced at many local auto maintenance centers and some Walmart Stores have an Auto Care Center. However, they often cost more and are not as flexible as the online auto care centers that we recommend.

To prevent future headaches with your headlights if they do need replacement parts, now is a great time to get it done.

Does Walmart Replace Brake Lights? 

The best way to know if the brake pads need to be replaced is by knowing how well the brakes are working. That is why it is important to have inspections done regularly.

Walmart does not install brake lights, you can purchase brake light bulbs, so you can replace them yourself.

To get rid of this problem, you’ll first remove the old brake light bulb and mount the replacement bulb.

There is a simple solution to this problem, you can find it at an auto parts store or on the Internet, and it’s called a brake light bulb. It takes a bit of practice to install this bulb, so please use it the right way.

Does Walmart Replace Turn Signal Bulbs? 

Walmart has a repair center that may repair your turn signal bulbs. If they do, however, they will be unable to guarantee there will be no additional damage or the issue will reappear in the future.

If you don’t have the proper tools to replace your vehicle’s indicator bulbs yourself, check out Walmart where you can get them and get them installed for a minimal cost.

For those who prefer an auto electrician to do the job, you can visit an auto electrician, who can replace the turn signal bulb for you.

With the price for a typical bulb ranging between $0.30 – $1.00 each, replacing the bulbs in a vehicle can range from $30 – $100.

What Auto Services Does Walmart Offer? 

You can find the auto service centers in every Walmart store by using Walmart’s store locator tool. You can type in your ZIP code and find out which Walmart stores have an Auto Care Center nearby.


In case you have an indicator light problem, you have to know that Walmart has a service department that can replace the bulbs. The bulbs can be replaced at Walmart.

In order to get these services, you should visit a reputable garage or service provider. Walmart also offers other services such as oil and tire changes.

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