Do Ikea Lamps Need Ikea Bulbs? (all You Need To Know)

In order to help customers and prevent products from going into the wrong hands, IKEA takes a number of precautionary measures.

I was wondering whether IKEA lamps can only be used with IKEA light bulbs. Let’s find out what I’ve discovered.

Do IKEA Lamps Need IKEA Bulbs In 2022?

IKEA lamps can be used with household wiring, but they are made for LED bulbs. Most people consider LED bulbs to be more efficient than other bulbs, especially when it comes to energy usage. For this reason, IKEA lamps work best with LED bulbs.

To learn more about what kind of bulbs IKEA uses, I also cover which bulbs you can use if you don’t like the IKEA bulbs, the types of bulbs IKEA uses, and whether you can use other bulbs in place of IKEA bulbs.

What Regular Bulbs Can I Use In Place Of IKEA Bulbs?

A very popular choice is the Edison bulb. It has a soft warm glow and is easy to replace in any fixture. It’s also fairly affordable. There are plenty of choices in both modern and vintage styles.

You can follow along on our guide to getting the light out of your IKEA light bulb.

What Kind Of Lightbulbs Does IKEA Use?

ikea will no long offer traditional fluorescents.

Walmart decided to offer LED as their only lighting option and are able to offer such a low price because so many manufacturers are able to produce the lights for them.

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Are IKEA Bulbs Good?

Ikea is still well known for its low-cost items. They do not feel cheap. They are well-crafted.

Although most people may not be able to feel the difference in light quality from the new IKEA LED bulbs, some of the customers have told us that they have been satisfied with the performance of the new bulbs.

How Long Do IKEA Bulbs Last?

Their lasting time is almost 1.5 times longer than other bulb types. With all LED bulbs, it’s a good idea to get the highest wattage possible.

Even if you think you might not need another bulb, remember that you can always switch over to an LED bulb when you do need a light that can last a long time.

Are IKEA Bulbs Energy-Efficient?

LED bulbs are the type of bulb that IKEA uses. They also save on energy costs.

They state on their website that a bulb with a LED light source saves about 85% of the energy compared to a regular bulb.

If you’re looking for a more detailed guide on IKEA smart lighting, you should also read our guides on lights and smart bulbs on


ikea lamps need to be paired with compatible ikea bulbs. You can usually find these at big box stores and online for much cheaper prices than the actual ikea products.

Ikea does offer LED bulbs and many people like the brand for their affordability. However, we want to focus on lighting that is more energy-efficient.

ikea bulbs are long lasting and have a lifespan which is dependent on lighting conditions and electrical stress.

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