Ikea Smart Lighting (8 Things You Should Know Before & After Buying)

IKEA’s smart lighting kit promises to be the easiest way to transform your home into a smart home. You can control temperature, lights, appliances and connected gadgets with ease.

To help you determine which lighting type is best for you, it is important to know what will work for you. These 8 things should help you decide which lighting type will fit your needs.

IKEA Smart Lighting In 2022

IKEA’s smart lighting uses the ZigBee protocol and can be controlled via the Alexa and Siri. The smart lighting can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet or desktop. You can use the voice assistant to control the smart home systems. Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Homekit, and Philips Hue are examples of different voice assistants working with IKEA’s Smart Lighting.

To learn more about the price of the IKEA lights, if you need a smart hub, bulb sizes, and more, continue on reading!

How Expensive Is IKEA Smart Lighting?

ikea smart lighting range cover 19 different products and parts, some of which are starter kits and others are just different sizes of led bulbs, intended to fit a variety of lamps.

There are two starter kits with dimmers available. The cheaper is TRÅDFRI Dimmer Kit, which is only available to purchase in IKEA stores, and the more expensive is the Gateway starter kit, which can be purchased online.

Other smart home devices that will be integrated into TRÅDFRI will range between $7.99 and $35.

You can get LED bulbs if you need them. It will range between $8.99 to 15.99 depending on the size you need.

If you are looking for a good quality, easy to install lighting upgrade option, then a TRÅDFRI LED driver for up to $37 can be installed on your MIELE, MITTLED, and STRÖMLINJE integrated lighting.

Do I Need A Hub For IKEA Smart Lighting?

There are two options, a base hub or a smart one.

TRÅDFRI’s hub is $35, however you can also obtain this in the TRÅDFRI Gateway Kit (link above).

The smart lighting system from Philips has an intuitive touch control. Users can also set the lighting up or down with a single touch.

Do I Need To Install The IKEA Home Smart App For Smart Lighting?

If you already have a TRÅDFRI Hub as part of your IKEA experience, you can continue to use the app and connect your devices with it.
You can also continue to use the app to control all of your TRÅDFRI lighting directly from the app.

It is from this app that you can control the entire IKEA smart lighting system. From changing the colors in different rooms to turning off all lights.

Do IKEA Smart Lighting Bulbs Come In Different Sizes?

1, 5, 10, 23, 45, 65, 100, 150, 250 and 500 lumens. The number of lumens corresponds to the amount of light the bulb can provide. It also offers the ability to dim the bulbs.

What Is A Smart Lighting Mood?

A mood is when you set a color and brightness for a specific group of lights. You can also control them from the IKEA Home Smart app, and can be organized perfectly to your liking.

You can set it to a warm light for an evening meal and watching television. Or, when you’re working on something, you can increase the light.

ikea offers an educational video to assist users to create and manage moods in their IKEA Home Smart app, helping customers learn about the home lighting system, in under a minute.

Can IKEA Smart Lighting Wake Me Up In The Morning?

There is an option in your IKEA Home Smart app that can set a timer that will light up the room gradually. It can help wake you up in the morning.

The device is automatically set to “Rise and Shine” mode when you press your finger on the screen, and it remains in that mode for 30 minutes.

The screen will automatically go dark after the device has entered “Rise and Shine” mode, but you can switch back to the default “night” screen by pressing the volume keys.

Can I Link My IKEA Smart Lighting With My Smart Speaker?

And that’s why we love Zigbee, it’s the best protocol for connecting all these smart devices together.

With this protocol, other smart tech can communicate with each other even if they are different brands.

There is a link that will connect your smart speaker to the gateway and then it can begin to control your smart lights. Your smart lights will then get the signal from the gateway.

If you haven’t bought a smart speaker yet, you can also use the gateway to give commands to a speaker.

If you want to know more about how IKEA Smart Lighting works, and what happens if you don’t follow the instructions, then check out the blog post that we wrote and published on the IKEA Smart Lighting Blog.

And there’s a basic tutorial on the IKEA Home app as well for those that don’t have one yet.

Can I Reset My IKEA Smart Lighting If I Move Home?

This app should be able to help you with moving your home and making sure all data is erased.

In the app, choose “Clear All Settings” to erase your personalized settings so that the phone will revert to the default settings.

There are many different kinds of bulbs that you can use in your house. You can use the regular light bulbs at home if you want. You can also use the LED bulbs which are brighter and consume less energy.


TRÅDFRI allows you to control lighting in your home from your smartphone. It’s easy to set up and install. It works with IKEA smart lighting products.

ÂThe Gateway Kit includes a smart light, and the IKEA Hub, which runs on a micro-USB port and plugs into a wall where you can run smart home apps. The kit is available for $120, but it includes the light, which is on sale for $35 today.

This can be done by connecting your lights to a smart speaker which runs on the same system and can do more things.

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