Accessories That Can Help With Lowering Your Energy Bills


Reducing your energy usage and power cost can help you save money, and nudge you into becoming more environmentally friendly! 

Lifestyle changes can make a big impact on your overall energy usage, like using fewer appliances or switching up your diet but the effect form these changes take a longer time to show. It can also be hard to commit to these changes due to personal or work reasons. Fret not, there is a much simpler way of lowering your energy consumption without having to make big lifestyle changes. 

We’ve compiled a list of energy-efficient tech accessories that everyone can use, whether you are renting a place or you own it. Some are standalone accessories, like a thermostat while others can reduce your energy consumption while turning your home into a smart home. 

These energy-saving accessories can also prevent losing more money due to “vampire power” which refers to appliances that drain power when they’re plugged in despite being turned off. Government agencies have shared that some households may have paid over $200 more per year because of vampire power alone! 

Let’s take a look at some of the little modifications you can make to your appliances to become more environmentally friendly and while we’re at it, save some money each month too. 

1. A Smart Thermostat

One of the best ways to reduce your energy consumption is by installing a smart thermostat. Instead of leaving your heating, venting and cooling systems running all day, you get to control these systems just by using one appliance. 

Gone will be the days when you wait uncomfortably for your house to heat up or cool down over a long period of time. Smart thermostats connect to your home WiFi network and from there, allow you to adjust your temperature wherever you are. This is usually done through applications that are specially created for different types of smart thermostats. 

When you’re looking for a smart thermostat, make sure that it is compatible with the systems in your home! This allows you to adjust the temperatures as you are pulling up in your parking lot or when you’re a few stops away from home. If you forget to switch the systems off before you leave your home, you can simply do so just by pressing some buttons in the provided application! 

2. Smart Light Bulbs 

These smart bulbs can help lower your energy usage by giving you better control over your appliances. Likewise, these smart light bulbs make use of applications in adjusting and controlling the lights around your home. 

Most smart light bulbs can also be turned off based on a specific schedule through the app. If you’re one to often leave your lights on by accident, this would be a nifty function for you! If you have elderly parents or children at home, these apps can help them control the lighting without having to move about too much too. 

If you want a fun element added to your house, you can also opt for colour-changing light bulbs. A colour for every event might be just what your home needs and no extra money nor energy has to be spent to get that effect. 

3. A Solar-Powered Battery Pack 

Gathering solar energy is one of the best ways to reduce your energy bill, as long as it is sunny outside. External battery packs can be a great source of energy replacement for power banks. If you want to use them for a larger appliance, look for a high-capacity solar-powered battery pack. 

Of course, it can be less efficient compared to plugging in your power directly to your home’s power source, but it is definitely a cheaper and more energy-efficient option! 

4. Battery-Powered Smart Security Camera 

Want to save money on your energy bill yet refuse to compromise on security? Consider getting a battery-powered smart security camera. Depending on the model type, these cameras can last up to years with just a single pair of batteries. These cameras are also capable of infrared night vision so as to monitor your home, even at night.

In the huge market of security cameras, you can also expect to find motion-sensing cameras that will send a notification to your phone or connected device whenever it senses any motion. You may also find some cameras with microphones, which allow you to speak to whoever is outside your home. 

If you want the camera placed outside your home, do consider purchasing one that is weatherproof so that it can withstand rain, snow or the hot sweltering sun. 

5. Smart Outlets

Upgrading your appliances to become energy-efficient can be quite intimidating but fret not, smart plugs could make upgrading much easier. Smart plus allow you to turn them on or off through an application. Essentially, you control your entire home’s electricity output through your phone. That’s so crazy! 

As with other smart appliances, if you forget to switch off any appliance, you can simply turn off your smart plug from your phone. 

6. Solar Powered Outdoor Smart Lights

Choosing to upgrade to a smart outdoor light is definitely a smart choice. Usually, we leave the outdoor lights on so that we can be mindful of where we walk in the dark. Else, the outdoor lights would usually always be turned on until the next day. As you can guess, it’s a huge waste of electricity. 

Opt for smart outdoor lights as they are triggered through motion sensors. Only when needed, the lights would power up and provide you with a lighted path, making it much safer to walk outside without compromising your electricity bill!


It can be intimidating to invest in these energy-efficient appliances as they may come with a slightly heftier price tag than energy-draining appliances. However, in the long run, you’ll definitely save more money while increasing your convenience around the house. Furthermore, we get to contribute small steps towards a more energy-efficient world. 

Before you decide on buying any of the mentioned appliances, please consider your general usage in your house. If you do not usually need a thermostat, then refrain from investing in a smart thermostat as you would neither save much on your energy bill nor energy consumption. 

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