What Uses the Most Electricity in Your Home and What to Do About it

Inflation is hitting Americans hard, and electricity prices have jumped 15 percent in some parts of the country.

Global turmoil is pushing energy prices up, and you may feel helpless watching your bills grow every month. However, you can control the use of electricity in your own home.

You can save money and support the environment by choosing other forms of power. The key is to understand what uses the most electricity in your home.

Keep reading to learn about the appliances that use a lot of electricity. Then, you can adapt your usage and save money.

Cooling and Heating

Most electricity use in the home comes from the ways we keep ourselves comfortable, protecting us from the outside temperature.

Air conditioning is the biggest culprit. This way of cooling our homes uses up to six percent of all electricity in the United States. A medium-sized air conditioner can use about 3000 watts of electricity every hour. 

In the winter, the heating sucks up most of your home’s energy. 

To cut down on your usage of these appliances that use a lot of electricity, be sure to service them annually. This will ensure they run smoothly.

Then, you can dress cooler or warmer depending on the season. Don’t rely only on your appliances to keep you comfortable. 

In summer, limit the use of the air conditioner as much as possible. Don’t leave it running all day. On a cool evening, pull out a thick blanket or wear a cozy jumper before turning on the heater.

Heavy Appliances

When it comes to home electricity usage, the next power vampires are your large appliances.

What uses the most electricity? Firstly, your refrigerator. You can save money by buying a more energy-efficient refrigerator. Another tip is to keep the thermometer set at the recommended temperature.

Next, we have your washing machine and dryer. These can use up to five percent of electricity in the home. To save energy, wait until you have a full load and only use cold water.

If it is sunny outside, opt to hang your clothes rather than using the dryer.

Your stove and an electric oven can also use a lot of electricity. 

If you feel you cannot do without some home appliances, there are alternatives.

Other forms of energy, such as solar, are gaining in popularity. According to one company, Blue Raven Solar, you can save up to 30 percent on your power bills using this method.


Do you regularly walk through the house, leaving all the lights on behind you?

This kind of behavior can really increase your power bill. Be vigilant about turning lights off, and use more energy-efficient LED lightbulbs. These will last much longer than traditional bulbs.

Media Appliances

Televisions, gaming consoles, and other media devices can really burn through your home electricity usage.

They are among the worst offenders because they also draw electricity even when you are not using them. Laptops, printers, or even your modem, are also to blame.

When possible, unplug these devices.

What Uses the Most Electricity in Your Home?

We have grown used to our modern comforts and sometimes overuse them without thinking. Now that you know what uses the most electricity in your home, you can adapt and save money.

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