5 Tips for Installing Solar Garden Lighting

The global outdoor solar LED market reached a value of $4.36 billion in 2020.

Advancements in solar power have increased the range of applications. Solar garden lighting is becoming more common as a cost-effective and eco-friendly way of lighting up yards at night. If you want to invest in solar lighting, there are some things you can do to make sure you set them up correctly.

For 5 tips on installing solar lights in your yard, keep reading.

1. Placement is Key

Think about what you’ll be using your garden for at night, and what areas you need lit. Sometimes people will place them along a path to help see where they’re walking. Solar patio lights can also be a good idea if you plan on relaxing there in the evening.

You want to make sure you place them in such a way that they don’t become an obstacle. Think about mowing your lawn, or where your kids might be playing, and place them appropriately.

2. Charge Your Solar Lights Before Use

Solar lights don’t come charged, so you want to make sure you charge the batteries before their first use. This will typically take at least 12 hours or more of direct sunlight. You might want to do this over 2 days to be safe.

If you use your lights before giving them a proper charge like this it could damage the batteries, limiting how much power they can hold in the future.

3. Prepare the Soil

Solar lights are usually mounted on stakes so they can be placed on the ground. Some spots, such as garden beds, might not need any preparation. Hard, compacted soil, however, might be too hard for the stakes to penetrate.

To make it easier you can add some water to the soil, softening it. You can also use a garden fork or a spade to loosen it up if need be.

4. Keep Them Clean

Outdoor garden lights will get dirty with time. Make sure you clean them regularly so that they work at full efficiency and don’t start to look like an eyesore. The solar panels themselves rely on direct sunlight to generate power, so you need to ensure these are free of dust and dirt.

5. Maximize Sunlight

Solar-powered outdoor lighting can only work if it gets sunlight, and if it doesn’t get enough it won’t be able to fully charge each day. When choosing where to put your lights, think about how the sun moves, as well as anything that will cast a shadow, such as your house or trees.

If your lights are powered by an external panel this might be less of an issue, as you can place it on your roof or wherever is most suitable. There are other benefits to using external solar panels too, such as being able to power other devices in your home. A company like Blue Raven Solar can help you work out a solar savings estimate for such a system.

Do You Need Solar Garden Lighting?

When installing solar garden lighting, placement is crucial. Think about what you want your lights to illuminate, but also factor in how much sunlight they will get. Make sure your soil is ready, and charge them well before use.

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