Ikea Light Bulb Equivalent Guide (e12, E26, 217, E27, E14 + More)

ikea is an affordable furniture brand that provides a wide range of products that are of a good quality. They also provide other products such as electronic items and light bulbs.

The most important of these are the HID (high-intensity discharge) bulbs. It is the same technology as used in security lights, but it’s often used in industrial and scientific fields, and it shines very brightly.

IKEA Light Bulb Equivalent Guide 2022

* IKEA has a policy of only providing a refund for defective products or products returned within the original return period. If you are not an IKEA store, you can contact the IKEA store that sold you the items for a refund and a replacement.
* IKEA does not issue a replacement or refund on items returned outside the original return period. This is true whether you are a IKEA store or just an individual.

Ikea’s bulbs are LED bulbs, but they are designed to look like traditional incandescent bulbs.

IKEA e17 Light Bulb Equivalent

I have used both the Philips e17 bulbs and the Walmart and Home Depot equivalent and found them to be good enough for a wide range of uses.

E17 bulbs can be bought at Home Depot for around $5 for a single bulb, or $56 for a pack of 12 bulbs.

Walmart sells a set of 10 E17 bulbs for around $12.

*Please note that the above images are rendered from the original text.

The company sells a number of e17 bulbs, including bulbs for use in microwave ovens and room lighting.

IKEA e12 Light Bulb Equivalent

Walmart sells a range of bulbs that come in three sizes. They range in size and wattage, and package size. A pack of 6 candelabra-shaped bulbs can be purchased for around $17.

I don’t recommend the $31.84 25 pack of e12 LED light bulbs because they are generally not as bright as other bulbs and they are quite dim. If you live by a window, there’s a chance that you might have to replace the old bulbs with new ones once every 6 months or so. Also, if you put them outdoors, they will likely die in a year or two.

You can find e12 bulbs in Home Depot. They can be used for the light fixture in the bathroom, which would use about 20 of them. They can also be used for recessed lighting. They are available in a variety of colors and wattage.

IKEA e26 Light Bulb Equivalent

E26 bulbs are lamps that are used widely in many lights. There is a wide variety of E26 bulbs.

We have a great collection of e26 bulbs for your garage, porch, patio, and outdoor lighting needs.

The replacement bulbs are a little expensive, but the 4 pack can be used to replace almost any light bulb that’s over 100 years old, including the e26 light bulbs.

Target also stocks many e26 bulbs, such as a smart bulb, which can be controlled remotely to achieve different lighting conditions. A dimmable bulb costs about $18.

Home Depot sells a variety of bulbs including light bulbs, ballasts, reflectors, and accessories. Please note that there can be slight variations in prices between Home Depot and Lowe’s, so make sure to double check the price.

IKEA e27 Light Bulb Equivalent

The price of the bulbs varies depending on the number of bulbs you order and the size and color of the bulb.

The e27 bulbs are made by General Electric, and are available in 10 sizes and colors. They cost anywhere between $15 and $30.

Amazon also stocks a variety of EnergySmart bulbs, including a starter kit for around $19.00 which comes with a standard bulb, a dimmer switch, and a transformer for use on 110 volt systems.

IKEA e14 Light Bulb Equivalent

Walmart has a number of e14 bulbs available at low prices, these bulbs are generally available at a fixed price depending on how many bulbs are in the package.

Home Depot sells e14 bulbs and more in varying pack sizes.

The largest wattage used is the 60 watt e14 bulb for up to $80 for 50. These are great for any room in your home, and will give you much more light in a much smaller size.

You can get an online service called [Original Link] to replace your e14 bulbs.

Prices can range wildly on Amazon, often dictated by the seller, the number of bulbs, or style of bulb. Prices for a 12 pack of E14 bulbs is often higher than normal 12-packs, sometimes costing as much as $20.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of An IKEA Light Bulb?

IKEA LED bulbs are quite popular among the customers. They last up to 25,000 hours and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

This is due to the fact that LED bulbs use far less power, and don’t continue to heat up over time so they are less likely to short out.

It is true that some users only manage to reach between 6,000 and 10,000 hours. But some people have managed to reach up to 13,000 hours.

Can IKEA Replace Light Or Return Light Bulbs?

 IKEA has  more than  365-days return policy applicable to nearly every item on-site. If customers encounter problems with their items, and it is not their own fault, they can request a replacement or a refund.

Customers who shop with Amazon will have to bring their original receipt, and any packaging for the return.

In this case, In most cases, your bulb will look identical. However, depending on the model of bulb and the size of your bulb, the color may have some variation. The color may also vary depending on where it was purchased.

IKEA, a global furniture company, sells a lot of bulbs and IKEA bulbs are the most popular ones. The IKEA light bulb market is one of the fastest growing markets in the US, and more people are buying the IKEA light bulbs. In fact, last year, IKEA purchased the light bulb maker, Osram.

To know the long life of IKEA items, you should read my full guide on how long IKEA furniture lasts and whether or not IKEA light bulbs are dimmable.


ikea also stocks a wide variety of light bulbs for use in lamps and other light fixtures. ikea customers can return their bulbs within 365 days for a full exchange.

If IKEA cannot accept returns of light bulbs, then other stores will have a variety of light bulbs which can work in the same way the light bulb which was returned to IKEA.

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