What Does Usps Awaiting Item Mean? (all You Need To Know)

Most of the mailpieces are processed in our Distribution Centers. These are large facilities that include sorting machines, distribution trucks, mail receiving facilities, mail processing centers, postal facilities, as well as all the people who are involved in the delivery and collection process. Each one of these facilities may contain many mailpieces that are either awaiting delivery or are being processed.

 The worst wait of all is when your shipping label is created but you are still in “Waiting” with the US Postal Service. Let’s discuss what does this mean and what can happen to your package.

What Does USPS Awaiting Item Mean In 2022?

The item has been ordered, and the USPS has received notification of the delivery, but they will not have scanned or logged the delivery until a short time after the item is officially shipped to the recipient. These are called “Waiting Items” because the sender has not yet received any notification that the item has been scanned in and then logged/scanned, which is the final step before an item is handed over to the recipient.

For items being shipped internationally, the tracking is much more involved.

A few of the reasons why your USPS tracking number may not have moved or seem to be stuck are, your package may not have made it into our system yet, your package may just have been sitting for a while at your local post office, or it could be getting scanned but not moved into your account.

How Long Does USPS Awaiting Item Take?

When a label is created and the Tracking says “USPS Waiting Item,” expect a wait from a day to a week.

The “USPS Waiting Item” tracking information is always available to the seller in their seller management area.

I’m not really sure why you got so upset, but I think it’s about the fact that in one Post Office it’s a “how long” situation and in another it’s a “when” situation, which to me seems like an obvious one.

Post offices that are on different sides of the same city might experience vastly dissimilar wait times for parcels to be scanned in and on their way.

Although, the wait time is different in each country. It could be 1-2 business days, but then again it could be up to a few weeks.

> It looks like I can only use the [web] UI,
> I don’t see any way to use the command line tool.

Unfortunately, if things are hectic at the Postal Store where you dropped off your package (or arranged to have it picked up and taken to), it really could take up to a week.

Why Does USPS Still Say Awaiting Item?

It could be any number of reasons why the post office is still waiting for the item.

While the parcel is waiting in the Post Office, there are people that are on the queue that are scanning the parcels for the Post Office employees.

I’m not sure I would agree that they are getting through these every day…

Another reason why you need to track the package is that there are other people involved in the delivery process and they might want to keep a record of what they did.

But, again, the cost of shipping to these places would really add up, and the time it takes to receive those shipments would be expensive. The time the packages sit at the post office may get expensive, too! So, it’s really best to keep these people in our own communities.

Yes, I would assume that the Post Office would take one to the post office and from there, they would take another to the next address and it would continue to go like that for a while until the the last one got there.

What Happens If USPS Never Scanned Your Package?

If you think USPS never scanned your package and it’s been over a week, there are a few things you can try.

Packages can be moved between machines to different locations.

There are some areas in the U.S. that take a few weeks to process all the packages sent through the US mail.

Additionally, there is a small chance that your parcel is among those that have not been properly scanned.

Depending on your distance from the shipping center, it could be anywhere from a few days to a month. Then, when it’s finally on its way to arrive at your doorstep, there’s your second Tracking update, and then your third Tracking update.

I can’t guarantee the safety of a courier service such as the post office. I do not recommend them for safety.

The post office can help you if you need to send more than $10, but for any other reason, just contact customer service.

There are a couple of ways to go about this, such as giving your local Post Office a call, sending them an email, visiting in person or even initiating a mail search.

You can find the Help Request Form and Missing Mail Search Requests here.
I am hoping to get assistance with searching for email messages or email attachments that are not in the user’s Sent Items folder or the Sent Items folder of another e-mail account.

When Should You Contact The Seller About USPS Awaiting Item?

When you receive a package it can take quite a while for the seller to update their information and ship out a revised tracking number.

Its recommended to wait until everything is finished before you do this, and after your parcel has been scanned into the system.

In the event that you are selling a gift to someone, they can make inquiries on your behalf since they are the ones who completed the sale.


So after I send the package to the origin, it takes around one week for the destination scan to arrive. There is also a chance that it will not arrive.

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