Why Is Usps Tracking Not Updating? (All You Need To Know)

If you need to know the status of a package on the Postal Service website, you can track it and see the latest information. You also may want to contact the Postal Service if you haven’t heard from them after a while to check on the status of your package.

I have heard from many people who say that they have been having problems with their tracking numbers. What I have also found out is that the problem is usually the result of you purchasing the wrong kind of credit card for your order.

Why Is USPS Tracking Not Updating In 2022?

If the item has not been scanned you may want to wait until it reaches you to see if the tracking number updates. If the item has not been verified at checkout we do not include tracking numbers with the items. You can see the shipping charges, which include tracking numbers in the shipping charges. This would allow you to see if your package had a problem getting to you safely. If your tracking number does not update after 5 days, we recommend contacting USPS for assistance.

There’s so much you’ll need to know about why your tracking number isn’t updating, how often, and what you can do about it. Read on to get all the facts.

How Do I Make Sure That I Have The Right Tracking Number?

Keep track of your purchases by entering your tracking number into the comment section on your order.

To confirm the tracking number on your shipment, make sure to look at the shipping confirmation email and the USPS shipping receipt.

I’d recommend sending tracking numbers as a part of ePacket (USPS tracking numbers are stored as a part of the ePacket).

If you use USPS Express Mail, your tracking number is 13 characters long and it has the following format: 2 letters followed by “US”.

You can also find your tracking number on e-mail or phone confirmation if you used your mobile phone to check the status of a delivery.

How Often Is USPS Tracking Updated?

You want to know the status of your package so you can know when it leaves the USPS facility for delivery.

Once you get the tracking number for your package, it may take 24 hours. It may take longer if the system is busy.

However, one thing to note is that tracking updates can take longer than 24 hours if there are bad weather systems preventing the package to be moved safely, or if the facility the package is in is understaffed or too full to allow for timely movement.

If you want to have updates more frequently then you can increase the number of digits to the right of the tracking number.

It depends on how many stops your package has. If it has multiple stops, you’ll get more updates and notifications.

Finally, if your package isn’t ordered from a location too far away, it should only update once or twice before it arrives.

How Precise Is USPS Tracking?

It is possible to track your package if you have both the full tracking number, and the tracking number split into sections.

The package tracking system is precise in terms of telling you where and when a package is going to be delivered, but it doesn’t detail every activity of the package once it arrives and doesn’t give you real-time updates.

What Can You Do If Your USPS Tracking Number Isn’t Updating?

I recommend that you wait about 5 days before contacting them about tracking because there are many factors that affect the speed of the USPS tracking system and I wouldn’t want your package to just disappear.

One option you have is to contact USPS Customer Service directly. You can do this by phone by calling 1-800-ASK-USPS.

The following message is a reminder that the monthly service fees for your e-mail account are due.

You can either get updates from the USPS, or you can follow this guide on how to update your package status from USPS’s website.

 If you have any further questions about your tracking number, you can also send an email to the email address on the USPS website.

If you’re having a hard time seeing what’s going on and how everything has fallen apart you can always call customer service and have them look over your tracking- they will be able to tell you the tracking number and the status of your package.

How Long Before A USPS Package Is Considered Lost?

If you don’t have updates on the status of your package within 7 days after contacting us, we’ll assume that the package is lost.

If you have a lost package, you can submit a missing mail search
(the process is described in the Lost Mail section of the Help menu).

You’ll want to include as much information as possible to help the post office find it. They will be able to identify your package by its return address.

What Happens If USPS Delivers To The Wrong Address?

If the package was delivered to the wrong address and then you return the package to the USPS for correct delivery, it is highly likely that the USPS will put your package back on hold.

If the supervisor is able to get into the delivery system it will be able to see if/when the package was delivered. However, scanning the package will also tell the supervisor where it was delivered.

This can be done by calling USPS Customer Service, but if the package wasn’t scanned, there’s not much that can be done unless the recipient of the package calls USPS to report the package being delivered to the wrong address.

To know more about how to track packages with the US Postal Service, read our post on how to track packages with USPS. We also include the right things to consider when choosing your USPSTrack service.


You probably won’t get a tracking number but if you don’t have it send it without the tracking number. That way you can track it on your end.

If your tracking number doesn’t update after 5 days, you can get help from the U.S. Postal Service by phone, email, or by going to the post office.

If you still don’t have an update for 7 days, then your package is lost and you can fill out a Lost Package Search Request.

If the package was meant to ship in a specific location, you can reach out to the sender to help you recover it. There’s a link in the description to the sender’s location.

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