What Does Usps Message “in Transit To Next Facility” Mean? (And More Faqs!)

The USPS appears to use its internal language to indicate tracking statuses.

What do these terms actually mean? What does ‘In Transit” mean on USPS terms? This is what we discovered…

What does the USPS Message “In transit to next facility” mean?

Tracking statuses are used by the United States Postal Service to notify customers about where their parcels are while in transit. Your item is currently in transit if it has the message “In Transit”.

Your item will be moving between depots. The first has already scanned your item and dispatched it. The second will do the same as soon as you receive your item.

This article will discuss USPS packages in transit, tracking messages, and what they mean. It also explains how you can make sure that they arrive.

What is USPS Tracking?

Tracking numbers are part of a delivery system that notify both the sender and the receiver about the exact location of parcels in transit. It allows you to monitor delays and predict when packages will arrive.

The USPS website tracking allows you to see the real tracking numbers and where your tracking numbers can be found to enter into the tracking bar.

USPS offers an Informed Delivery service that works via a mobile app. Customers can receive USPS tracking updates on incoming packages, send delivery instructions, manage notifications and schedule redeliveries.

This service assigns delivery information in the form messages. These messages are generated by scanning tracking numbers (packages) at each depot.

What Does USPS Tracking Messages Really Mean?

All USPS tracking status messages can be generated automatically. Each message indicates that your item is at the next destination.

Delivered means that your item was delivered. The delivery time and location have been recorded.

Notice Left: This means that USPS was unable to deliver your mail. You can request a redelivery, or you can pick up your item at your local Post Office (with identification).

Delivery Status Not Updated: This means your package arrived but is still not ready for pick-up.

Receptacle blocked: This means the carrier could not deliver your package due to access being blocked by a parked vehicle, weather conditions, emergency responders, or local utilities. You can request a redelivery, or you can pick up the item at the Post Office.

No Access: This means the carrier could not deliver to your address. This could be due to an animal in large or a community that is gated. If this occurs, USPS recommends that you send an email request for service. Include the tracking numbers for your package.

Your package(s), if in transit, is “on the road” or traveling to their destination. You could also find that the package is still in transit.

Once the numbers are scanned, the next tracking status will be created.

What if my packages have not arrived?

Each class of mail service has a USPS “delivery standard”. This means that you will need to verify the definition of “late mail” for each service.

The USPS Delayed Mail website lists the delivery standards of each mail class, and explains when to send an inquiry to USPS.

If you use Priority Mail, for example, you will need to wait at most 5 days after the date of delivery before you make an enquiry. If you used USPS Retail Ground, however, you will need to wait 14 days.

There are many reasons why mail is late or delayed. There are many factors that can cause late mail and delayed delivery messages, including weather conditions, traffic conditions and road hazards. Also, there may be issues with staff availability and the volume of mail.

How do I get USPS Tracking Notifications

Tracking notification is dependent on the mail class that you used to send your package. However, both sender AND receiver can view tracking via:

  • The USPS website tracking tool
  • Text 28777 (2USPS), with your tracking number
  • Download the USPS Mobile App for iPhone and Android.
  • Contact the USPS by phone
  • Enter tracking numbers and click “text and email notifications” on the USPS website.


You will receive short messages with delivery updates when you submit your tracking numbers to USPS.

These messages indicate the status of your item. The most common message, “In Transit”, simply means your package is in transit.

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