How Many Numbers Usps Tracking? (all You Need To Know)

When you order items with online services like Amazon or Ebay, you may notice that each item has its own unique number that is used to identify that item.

The number of numbers in the series: A: For the USPS, as for the others, the quantity of numbers and the numbers in the series has special meaning. So how many numbers are in USPS Tracking? I have answers to the questions on your mind!

How Many Numbers USPS Tracking In 2022?

If you are looking to see if the USPS package is a certain class, you know that it will have either one of the numbers beginning with prefix 771, 851, or 953. The prefixes are grouped in sets of four because there are five different sets of four.

To learn more about the different USPS tracking prefixes, the tracking label, and how to tell fake from real, keep reading for more information!

What Do USPS Tracking Numbers Usually Start With?

The USPS’ tracking number system is actually a very unique numbering system that consists of several different tracking numbers.

And each one indicated a particular shipping class.

And you might be able to find out what the package contains from the Customs declaration form.

The first four digits of the year show the date of birth. The last two digits show the year the individual was born.

What Does USPS Tracking Look Like?

To ship an item from the USA you have to provide a tracking number. The tracking number is written in an invisible and secret form inside the box so that the shipping carrier can follow the package to the destination.

Although it won’t be on the label that gets printed and affixed to the package, it will be on a separate label that is affixed to the package that is eligible for tracking.

This is an important place, because the bar code is a critical link in the entire supply chain.

So, when the barcode is being scanned at the airport, there’s a record of that barcode in USPS Tracking.

If you sent the parcel out, you don’t get the tracking number. But you get the “ready to collect” notification.

A copy of the tracking number can be found on both the receipt AND on the packaging of the mail, if you have gone to your local Postal Facility to ship.

That’s the email you received from the USPS after you purchased the postage.

If you forgot to include a copy of the confirmation, you may contact USPS customer service at 1-800-ASK-USPS (1-800-275-8777).

The recipient must not be able to access the tracking information unless someone provides them with the number.

What Do The First Four Numbers Stand For USPS?

I have sent the first payment and a link to the seller account in the email.

The above class is for items that are not available to ship and include all types of returns.
The “O” class indicates items that are available to ship, but cannot be returned.
The “D” Class indicates a duty-paid item must be shipped to a U.S. address.
The “F” Class indicates a sale final item — no returns for this item.

Are There Fake USPS Tracking Numbers?

The USPS tracking numbers themselves are legitimate, but some people use them in fraud, and that’s why you should always check your tracking number yourself.

For example, there are plenty of reports of phishing emails using tracking numbers as part of their mal-intended scheme.

If there were problems, the service would have halted such sites or would have had an easy way to resolve them.

The service does not give a solid indication of the likelihood of problems.
The service says something to this effect, but I don’t believe that they mean it.

I was in the middle of something and I was kind of looking away as I read this message and I just happened to notice that I had been pinged.

At this point, some have given you a tracked number and you can follow that number to the delivery address, but it does not correspond to your package.

Does USPS Tracking Start With 1Z?

UPS is the only company that can ship these things to customers.

The most commonly accepted method to identify the city/state that an address is in.

How Long Is A USPS Tracking Number Good For?

The longevity of a USPS Tracking number depends on volume, specifically how many parcels it sees.

But that said, the number was a valid number until they didn’t need it anymore. So, we can see that the number was legitimately reused, and they are just trying to make it seem like they’re saving money.

However, if you are aware that you will need your tracking number to remain associated with your package, you can check if it’s eligible for USPS Tracking Plus.

For a very affordable fee, you can give your shipment tracking numbers to your neighbors and acquaintances or your enemies.

In addition, you can also read our posts on why you should use USPS tracking as well as whether or not to add a tracking number to your package delivery.


For those who have received an updated tracking number, please visit the UPS or FedEx Shipping Calculator by entering the tracking number.

You can find the tracking number on the parcel right next to the barcode, and the first four digits inform how fast the package will be shipped.

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