Does Target Monitor Their Cameras? (how Long Footage Is Kept + Other Faqs!)

Through a methodical security and loss prevention program, Target is able to apprehend around 75,000 shoplifters a year. Following a spike in theft, Target has adapted their surveillance cameras to protect their assets.

They monitor the camera system with their team of security staff.
The store has a special camera where you must place your hand over the camera for it to identify you, and so it can tell the camera that you are a guest.

Does Target Monitor Their Cameras In 2022?

Target uses cameras, security guards, and other surveillance equipment to follow thieves who walk out with merchandise in hand. They can also monitor cameras at the store’s loss-prevention center, which can send footage to the store’s investigation centers.

For more information on how long Target keeps video footage, what other security measures Target employs, and the scoop on Target’s Forensic Laboratories, then keep reading!

How Long Does Target Keep Camera Footage?

The Target retail store retained the footage by online sources as it is possible that the footage could be used for other matters.

They also use this to verify that all of the information received by Target is accurate. This includes the data on file with the bank to determine if there were any credit card fraud issues.

This allows Target a nationwide camera and microphone program to track criminal activity.

Does Target Keep Records Of Shoplifters?

This is to ensure that shoplifters are not able to return to the same store multiple times and have their purchases duplicated.

All of that data is collected and stored in the cloud (or, more like, Target’s private cloud) and then sent to a computer that can analyze and identify the person who committed a theft.

Target’s tech is so advanced that it can make out patterns of your hair and clothes, identify the color of your shoes, and even determine who you are by the sound of your footsteps.

Target will keep all the confiscated goods and will give them to the police.

Target doesn’t have the best security when it comes to online shopping, but if you shop at Target often, there’s a good chance you can pick up a thing or two to help make the process a little easier.

Target will send all the shoplifting evidence to the police until there’s enough evidence to charge you for a felony.

Does Target Have Facial Recognition?

Target monitors its camera systems to the extent they are able to identify the owner of the face and confirm their age.

As such, the data can be used in a variety of ways, including identifying patterns of criminal activity.

Does Target Scan For Fingerprints?

Target does not have a forensic laboratory and has no capability of latent print testing.

Coupons, packaging, and other similar items can be used to identify the person who took them because they have physical evidence on them, and they can be used in courts of law to tie them to a crime.

The information will be kept in the National Database for a set period of time unless the user deletes their account, or it is permanently deleted at the users request.

Does Target Have Security In-Store?

Target has security cameras located at every check stand and registers, as well as security guards that walk around the store watching for unusual activity.

Target uses undercover employees to monitor the situation and prevent problems. Usually these are dressed casually in regular clothes and pretend to be the “norm”.

What Are Target’s Investigation Centers?

Target has the resources and capability of running a large and diverse investigative team to help them identify suspects and the motives of the crime.

Target’s testing labs were accredited by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Accreditation due to the dedication they have to the development of audio, visual and latent print technologies.

Target operates these facilities so as to have a greater safety of staff and shoppers in Target stores.

Also, they take a huge loss of merchandise and also they have a way to avoid the criminals, and that is through the use of the private security officers…

Target has a number of forensic centers where they can help with any type of forensics work.

What Happens If You Steal from Target?

To prevent theft from your store, you must have a well-planned and well-executed loss prevention system.

If you steal from Target, you might be banned from the store forever. And they’ll call the cops too.

Target’s Asset Protection department will be asking you further questions about where you purchased your goods.

Target workers use public shaming as a deterrent so they don’t get into trouble. If they see someone stealing in their store, they’ll approach the customer quietly and ask them to return the item.

Target workers would not be asked to call the police for thefts that occur during their working hours unless the worker was forced to leave the store during the course of a robbery.

Will I Be Arrested If I Steal from Target?

As well as the store’s own private police force, Target has close ties with local police departments that would respond to incidents of suspected shoplifting.

Purchasing Target’s services are a few steps in the process. You purchase gift cards from stores like Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, and others. You bring the gift cards into Target and spend them at checkout.

Theft and shoplifting offenses may result in criminal fines of up to $50,000.

Target’s cameras make it clear that you must have committed the theft, leaving you little room to deny it.

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Target also has systems that scan all of their stores for attempted robbery and have systems that watch for things like stolen merchandise.

Target’s safety is high on the list among the many ways that it’s trying to save lives, such as its use of “panic buttons” in stores.

Target is using their security equipment and systems to help protect their shoppers and to help them maintain a safe shopping experience.

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