Cvs Shoplifting Policy (warning: Must Read)

As the leading healthcare retailer, CVS offers a range of products, including high priced pharmaceutical drugs at its stores, making it an attractive destination for shoplifters.

CVS has a policy in place to protect their company and their customers. CVS knows that they have a problem with shoplifting and are taking measures to prevent it from happening. This includes making sure all their employees know their policy regarding shoplifting and making sure that they are teaching them the policy.

CVS Shoplifting Policy In 2022

CVS has many security features to prevent shoplifting and theft such as closed circuit TV (CCTV) monitoring, locked cabinets, and security guards. They also have security teams who work off-site. Shoplifting is either banned or reported to the police.

If you want to learn more about the asset protection measures that CVS has in place, whether employees are allowed to stop shoplifters (and when), and how many arrests CVS has made since the company was founded, keep on reading!

Does CVS Have Asset Protection?

If you want to learn more about how CVS protects its assets, check out this video on the company’s web site.

Asset management and control staffs are hired to work with staff members, and to perform tasks like inventory control and maintenance, as well as to detect and prevent theft or accidents.

CVS staff regularly visits CVS stores to check for security issues and works with law enforcement when necessary to protect CVS.

The new managers and leaders will also create strategies and protocols for each individual store to prevent theft.

They are going to work with the store managers to determine which products they want to stock and how they want to sell them.

Does CVS Have CCTV?

CVS has CCTV cameras and video surveillance on each store. The cameras are used to deter and prevent shoplifting incidents.

A team of experts work for the Police Department and this is done by reviewing the video footage, and the video footage is made available to the media.

CVS through the use of video surveillance will have evidence that can be given to the police in the event of shoplifting.

Does CVS Have Security?

CVS has security officers in place in most stores to help prevent shoplifting and deter theft. CVS has done a good job of making sure that they are properly trained to do their jobs.

When you shop at a store with high shoplifting rates, they will have security guards that will monitor store customers.

Along with the security guards, the CVS also has staff members called coordinators who are daily field officers that wear the CVS uniform and work on the sales floor so they can be more involved in preventing shoplifting.

CVS will closely monitor potential shoplifting incidents in the area. The CVS coordinators will tell the store manager about the possible thefts in the stores.

Additionnally, CVS coordinators will also help you access locked items and protected products and prevent them from theft or shoplifting.

Can CVS Employees Stop You from Shoplifting?

Even though CVS employees are mostly prohibited from putting their safety at risk, this particular employee did not take these words of advice.

This means that when a CVS employee is approached by a suspect, he or she must immediately inform a supervisor or go to the Security desk to get help.

While some stores allow workers to follow and apprehend shoplifters and even call a security guard to assist store staff, the workers are not allowed to use force unless it is required or used to protect store property.

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Does CVS Keep Track of Shoplifters?

If a detective catches you stealing or carrying a gun, the police will keep a record of you on file.

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Does CVS Have Anti-Theft Measures?

Apart from loss prevention methods, CVS also uses several anti-theft measures for its products in stores.

Consider this: In the past, retailers have not had the ability to control the items that are brought into their stores. The only limitation is that consumers could not bring in items that were prohibited from entering the store by the retailer. Now, with electronic security tags, the retailer will be able to detect the prohibited items before they enter the retail location.

As a CVS shopper I would like to say that the locked shelving is absolutely fantastic, and is a great way to protect the products from the perils of the open market.

To prevent theft, CVS runs many anti-theft measures internally that includes checking bags of its members and counting the cash on-site.

Will You Be Arrested For Shoplifting From CVS?

At the CVS store, a manager is in charge of determining what to do if you have been caught shoplifting a product.

If it is a first-time charge for a small product, it may be OK for the company to ban you from stores.

However, when they do follow these guidelines, they have an obligation to not make arrests if the alleged crimes are not serious enough to warrant arrest.

You could be charged with crimes such as Felony Larceny, Misdemeanor Theft (or shoplifting), and Possession of Stolen Property.

What can I do to avoid these charges?

Make sure you do not have money, cards, or other items with CVS that were stolen.

If you are able, do not pick up any items from CVS.

Ultimately, if you have been caught shoplifting at CVS, it is likely they will try to prosecute you. The question is whether or not they will be successful. There is no guarantee that law enforcement will be successful arresting you.

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CVS takes theft and loss seriously and strives to provide a safe and secure environment to our customers. CVS Stores, the retail pharmacy division, provides a number of loss-prevention and asset-protection measures while the Pharmacy Service division handles prescription fulfillment, patient care and service to our customers.

For a small business, CVS is an excellent option to prevent theft and other crimes. Many stores are fitted with CCTV cameras, security guards, and locked cabinets, meaning that it is more difficult for shoplifters to succeed. Additionally, CVS has evidence against potential shoplifters that will allow them to contact law enforcement if necessary.

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