Does Walmart Build Cases on shoplifters? [must Read]

The reason for Walmart to have such an extensive system for catching shoplifters is because of how much money they lose due to shoplifting.

Walmart is trying to keep a shoplifting record so that they will be able to use the information against potential shoplifters. It will allow them to use their own records against the shoplifter who stole from them.

Does Walmart Build Cases On Shoplifters In 2022?   

Walmart is also a huge retailer. The number one place to shop when you’re looking for groceries, clothes, electronics, furniture and hardware. They have the best prices, too. I always stock up on groceries when I’m shopping at Walmart.

I’d like to make you aware of the new and improved Walmart policy regarding shoplifting and the importance of customer service.

To know more about what it takes for a case to be built, prevention associates, and more.
For your protection, keep reading!

How Much Do You Have To Steal From Walmart For a Case To Be Built?

The company doesn’t press charges or detain people caught stealing items when the value is less than $25.

So what you get is that if you steal less than $1000, you are only getting a misdemeanor. If you steal between $1000-$2000, you get a misdemeanor. And if you steal more than $2000, you go to jail for one year.

Does Walmart Have a Database of Shoplifters?

If you are arrested for shoplifting at Walmart, the police will enter your name and address into the state’s criminal database.

Walmart keeps a good track of the number of people who shoplift and can check previous shoplifting charges at their stores.

And Walmart keeps pictures of the people who shoplift and associates are aware of the people who shoplift multiple times at their store.

What Is A Loss Prevention Associate?

Loss Prevention Associates watch out for theft in retail stores or any other type of businesses. They can also go in disguise to blend in with the other customers.

Well, I saw some pictures of people in their street clothes but I don’t remember seeing anything specific about how they dress in street clothes.

The officers are responsible for arresting shoplifters once the shoplifter has left the store, filing reports on shoplifting incidents, and creating theft prevention strategies.

How Long Does Walmart Ban First-Time Shoplifters?  

Those who shoplift in Walmart will be banned from there forever.

We are not sure that the ban can be lifted, and if you choose to enter a Walmart after receiving a ban, you could receive charges for trespassing.

Does Walmart Care If You Steal?

Walmart’s theft prevention budget is huge and is made up of items including video surveillance and loss prevention personnel.

If you steal from Walmart, the store is likely to prosecute, and you will likely get a criminal record. You might be denied entrance to any Walmart stores for the rest of your life.

Does Walmart Have Facial Recognition?  

Walmart has a system that scans your shopping cart and sends it directly to your phone.

The product is scanned first, then the customer is tracked, and then they both move, together, from the entrance through the store to the exit.

How Does Walmart Know If you Steal?  

There are many security measures in place to make sure that the shoplifter is caught in Walmart stores.

Walmart will employ Loss Prevention Associates responsible for recognizing when shoplifting is taking place and surveillance cameras, product security tags, and AI-powered image recognition at checkouts.

You can find out more by reading my full guide on how Walmart tracks shoppers, the technologies they are using, and tips to prevent being scanned and tracked.

How Can I get Walmart To Drop My Shoplifting Charge?  

Walmart requires that all employees sign a form that says that they will not attempt to steal merchandise from Walmart. Walmart also requires that all employees sign a form that states how they will report theft. This is to prevent employees from committing fraud if they were a part of an organized crime group.

In addition, to learn more, see our other guides on when to ask for a refund at Walmart, if you can’t return damaged goods at Walmart, how to file a claim with Walmart’s customer service department, if Walmart gives you a reward or a gift card when you find your lost or stolen items, and Walmart’s policies for lost or stolen items for kids and seniors.


Theft presents a huge threat to companies like Walmart. In isolation, stealing $15 worth of goods from a huge corporation like Walmart may seem like nothing. However, it is just a tiny fraction of the overall costs of theft that is faced by corporations.

However, in recent years, there have been some efforts to make repeat offenders face harsher penalties. This has included the ability of Walmart and similar stores to try and identify repeat offenders and build cases against them on the basis of their buying habits.

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