Lowe’s Shoplifting Policy (cameras, Security, Loss Prevention, Caught Stealing, Facial Recognition + More)

The owner of Lowe’s is very concerned about the shoplifting of merchandise since they sell expensive tools.

As of 2019, Lowe’s is actively working on a project to provide security cameras to every store.

Lowe’s will also have additional security officers in store to ensure that their customers and employees are safe.

In addition, Lowe’s has installed fingerprint scanners on registers and at checkout counters so that customers can be sure of who they are buying from.

Lowe’s Shoplifting Policy In 2022

Lowe’s is a company that prevents shoplifted products and equipment from entering stores by having assets protection, loss prevention, and security employees on the premises and working closely with local law enforcement. Also, the company utilizes security cameras and electric tags on items to prevent shoplifting.

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Does Lowe’s Have Loss Prevention?

This is common among stores that specialize in the sale of small items like tools and hardware.

Lowe’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics has a requirement that associates work to protect physical and digital assets at Lowe’s as theft, carelessness, and waste can impact Lowe’s profits and reputation.

Lowe’s staff are advised to be vigilant of loss prevention as shoplifters may use social engineering to steal.

To protect merchandise, the company uses cameras and other security measures to monitor the entire store.

You are going to use the electronic security tag so that if it is stolen, it will send an alert to the staff.

Lowe’s doesn’t just work with police. It also uses its own loss prevention team to follow up on the cases in order to apprehend offenders. This includes a dedicated team of loss prevention officers who work closely with local law enforcement.

Does Lowe’s Have Asset Protection?

Lowe’s also employs an Asset Protection Agent (APA) within its stores to help protect its customers and merchandise further.

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The role of the APA is to help make sure the public knows there is a security plan within the store and to make sure that there are enough resources on site in case there is a break-in or other criminal incident.

The APA also provides training to management and staff of Lowe’s, including Associates, leaders, and managers about identifying potential shoplifting incidents and deterring them through shrink programs.

In addition, the APA at Lowe’s will diligently observe the store and investigate and respond to shoplifting incidents in Lowe’s.

 The company has also developed a comprehensive shrink loss prevention program to prevent the loss of product.

Does Lowe’s Have Security Cameras?

As Lowe’s is an extremely large retailer, and also very large in terms of physical store size, they utilize security cameras in numerous locations to deter and apprehend suspicious activity, and also as evidence when appropriate.

For example, cameras may be put on the outside of the store to monitor the entry way. Cameras may also be put in the store to monitor the actual activities within the store.

You can also monitor the video feed from the camera installed in your store. If a customer is caught shoplifting, you can get a picture of the customer’s face and create a report on the incident that will be stored in your records.

Does Lowe’s Use Facial Recognition?

Lowe’s currently uses facial recognition technology to protect its assets and prevent shoplifting incidents. Lowe’s is one of the companies using this technology.

Lowe’s has issued a statement saying that facial recognition is not used to watch them. The spokesperson said they use audio and video cameras instead.

Does Lowe’s Have A No Chase Policy?

The store was not allowed to carry any chases and had to pay all their employees so they could keep their jobs.

Instead of engaging with customers, Lowe’s asset protection and security staff are instructed not to engage with potential shoplifters.

Lowe’s employees will attempt to identify people who are suspected of stealing merchandise, and report the information to local law enforcement.

The police force will come and search for and catch the shoplifters.

Can Lowe’s Staff Physically Stop Shoplifters? 

Lowe’s often has trouble when it comes to being able to apprehend and capture shoplifters because of what can happen to the shoppers once they are caught.

As a result, you could possibly sue Lowe’s, because you were injured. The Lowe’s policy encourages its employees to work quickly to resolve the problem.

Lowe’s is committed to maintaining a completely safe environment for all customers, meaning Lowe’s staff are instructed not to chase or physically interact with shoplifters to maintain a safe environment.

Instead, Walmart workers are required to report theft of merchandise to law enforcement, who are correctly equipped and trained to deal with shoplifting circumstances.

Does Lowe’s Track Down Shoplifters?

A Lowe’s spokesperson said that the company will use its loss prevention tactics to prosecute shoplifters and prevent them from returning to stores.

Asset Protection Agents at Lowe’s are trained to gather information on suspects and give it to the police so they can be arrested.

If you’ve been caught shoplifting at Lowe’s, you will be banned from the franchise and the store and maybe the other stores in the franchise.

What Happens If You Are Caught Stealing From Lowe’s?

If a person enters the Lowe’s store, they will likely face repercussions if they are caught. If a person is caught trying to steal from the Lowe’s store, they will be asked to leave the store and phone the police.

Lowe’s also has implemented a policy called “The No Refund Policy” that forces people to buy something if they want their money back.

There might also be a police officer standing in line with you, so be polite, respectful and prepared to move quickly.

Does Lowe’s Prosecute Shoplifters?

Lowe’s is also going to be more strict in prosecuting individuals who do steal items.

Lowe’s is able to prosecute shoplifters with misdemeanors or felonies depending on the merchandise stolen.

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Lowes uses CCTV, electronic tags, and the monitoring of customers to prevent shrinkage in their stores.

It is reported that Lowe’s has Asset Protection Agents working with the company to deal with shoplifting incidents.

Lowe’s also works directly with law enforcement to help in the prosecution of suspected shoplifters.

It may result in a misdemeanor or a felony charge depending on the circumstances. It is at the discretion of the police to decide whether they will prosecute or will refer the case to Lowe’s.

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