Home Depot Shoplifting Policy (cameras, Security, Loss Prevention + More)

In these specific cases, the company would like to avoid hiring a security guard due to the amount of money that could be spent.

To get more information from Home Depot in regards to what they consider a shoplifting offence, I’ll need to read through the fine print.

Home Depot Shoplifting Policy In 2022

Home Depot’s policy states that shoplifters will be detained by Home Depot security until police arrive, and will be prosecuted as of 2022. Additionally, Home Depot has several loss prevention methods in place including security cameras and security guards to protect its assets.

I’m not going to make a list of the best ways to get thieves away from your property,
because that would be a book itself.

Does Home Depot Have Loss Prevention?

There are a number of ways the company protects its assets from theft in the store, for example.

Shoplifting can also be a problem for retailers when they see a customer place items into a personal bag, but it is difficult to prevent the loss of potential revenue.

Home Depot trialed a loss prevention method that involves power tools not working unless they have been activated at the register.

The new point-of-sale system allows Home Depot to use aggressive loss prevention techniques without disturbing the customer’s shopping experience.

After experimenting with this new form of loss prevention, Home Depot plans to start using these power tools in all of its stores.

Does Home Depot Watch Security Cameras?

Home Depot monitors the security cameras to see if someone is stealing tools from their store.

The cameras at Home Depot look for suspicious people, objects, cars, and other things that may indicate a possible problem or violation.

Home Depot has opened more than 100 stores over the past decade, so they know a little bit more about how to run a store now that they’ve remodeled over 300 locations.

Home Depot used the company Verint, which provides the company the capability to see what is occurring in the store or remotely.

Using Security Cameras will help Home Depot provide evidence to law enforcement of shoplifting or other incidents, to protect assets and prosecute criminals.

Does Home Depot Have Security Tags?

Home Depot wants to protect its stock and inventory by using deterrents like security boxes, spider webs, and tags.

This is placed on products to alert security members if the item is not in its original condition or if it was not bought from the store.

Does Home Depot Have Facial Recognition?

Home Depot is not collecting photos of customers but only using the information for security cameras.

Fight for the Future and Home Depot have been working together to try and get companies to stand up for the privacy of all individuals and we haven’t heard much from Home Depot lately so this is good news.

Does Home Depot Have Security Guards?

Home Depot puts in security guards that protect the store from potential crime.

The security guard at the Home Depot can be called Asset Protection specialist and his duties include monitoring security cameras and working with local law enforcement.

Security guards are allowed to go around the store and check whether or not the items they see are in the bag or container. However, they are not allowed to apprehend anyone for shoplifting.

Home Depot employees are also prohibited from catching shoplifters from the time to when all of its departments are open. In case a person is stealing merchandise, it’s up to the store’s employees to catch the suspect and put them in place.

In order to be an employee at Home Depot, you must follow the Home Depot Rules and Regulations. If you break any of these rules, you will be terminated immediately.

What Does An Asset Protection Specialist At Home Depot Do?

A store-within-a-store is an asset protection specialist at Home Depot. The
asset protection specialist at Home Depot is there to prevent shoplifting.

Home Depot has an asset protection specialist who identifies shoplifters by taking a look at the footage, reviews the security cameras, and makes sure the EAS is working.

Home Depot doesn’t ask their managers or other employees to risk their own lives or limbs in apprehending shoplifters.

The asset protection specialists must to report to their managers and supervisors dangerous situations.

Does Home Depot Prosecute Shoplifters?

I suspect that if you are apprehended stealing at a Home Depot, you will ultimately be charged with shoplifting.

This is the same as a store’s policy, but is used to justify that they have the right to detain customers for as long as they like, and for as many times as they like. This is what store security actually does.

Theft is a crime, the kind that you commit, and whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony depends on the value of the property involved.

If you go in and you’re going to try to steal an item that’s valued $0 to $100, that will be a misdemeanor charge, and if you’re going to steal a $100 to $300 or more, depending on how much value it has, that will be considered a felony.

Home Depot policies do vary depending on where you live. They can charge more or less depending on the policies and laws.

Can You Be Banned From All Home Depot For Shoplifting?

Home Depot has a good record of having a zero tolerance policy with any theft. The store will never sell any stolen merchandise. Shoplifting can get you banned from the store and the police can arrest you.

However, you may not be allowed to work in all Home Depot stores unless you are on a valid contract with the home depot.

How Much Does Home Depot Lose To Shoplifting?

Home Depot is an organization and they do not have a website to tell us exactly how much they are losing to shoplifters, but in their press release they said “a lot”.

In fact, an audit for Home Depot in 2018 found that their customers were a target of fraud, but they did not have any information on the issue.

What Are The Most Common Things Stolen From Home Depot?

While most cases of home repair theft are reported when a perpetrator breaks in through an unlocked front door, recent news reports indicate that thieves are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Instead of entering through the front door, they are attempting to break-in through a window, crawl under a fence or through a basement window.

According to a study by the National Association of State Theft Programs (NASTP) and the National Retail Federation (NRF), power tools are the number one item stolen by shoplifters.

Home Depot is very concerned about shoplifting. They have worked with pawn shops and similar retailers to get rid of stolen or shoplifted items.

And it has also been suggested that the most popular items for shoplifting in Home Depot are smaller items that are small enough to be hidden in a pocket.

(emphasis added).
Although this excerpt uses the word “suggested,” it refers to a study of shoplifting at Home Depot which found that small items are the ones most stolen.

The items with security tags in the packaging can be easily disposed of by the owner, allowing the items to be stolen.

Finally, it was reported that shoplifters at Home Depots are stealing items and then returning them when they realize they can not take them out of the store.

What Happens If You Steal From Home Depot?

If a customer buys a screw that costs $1.00 and leaves it on the shelf and then it is sold for $5.00, the store will not return the $4.00 to the customer; instead, the store keeps the $4.00.

The main evidence that you have that you are committing a crime is that Home Depot is calling the police.

You may be charged with multiple crimes, including theft, burglary and fraud. You’re also at risk of going to jail for up to 5 years.

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As part of their security program, they make sure that stores are fully staffed, have camera surveillance, utilize anti-theft devices to prevent the unauthorized removal of merchandise, and hire former law enforcement and military personnel to perform counter-sting operations to deter and apprehend thieves.

Shoplifting is a crime that can be extremely financially costly. The stores can loose millions of dollars a year.

In cases where employees may be harmed, Home Depot has security guards who are able to pursue shoplifters. Employees are told not to pursue shoplifters to keep themselves safe.

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