Why Do People Hate Amazon? (11 Reasons Why)

Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce websites, and features Amazon Prime, which is a paid membership providing free shipping, access to Prime Video, and other benefits.

Despite its popularity, there are many consumers who hate Amazon and refuse to shop on its website. However, why do so many people hate Amazon? Keep reading to learn 11 reasons why.
1. Amazon doesn’t disclose customer data.

11 Reasons Why Do People Hate Amazon In 2022

1. Prolonged Delivery Times

Amazon delivery times can be insanely slow, sometimes you wait over a week for an item to be delivered after you’ve ordered something.

If you have ordered some items from Amazon, you can click the “Status” tab on your Amazon account to see the status of your order. Once the package is shipped, you will get an email notification from Amazon about your order’s status.

A product that is much more complex may require an extra day or two of processing.

As with many online shops, if you buy too much from Amazon, the shipment can take a while. You will either have to wait for the order yourself, or send it to a local Amazon lockers to be picked up.

2. Prime is Too Expensive

Amazon Prime Video is considered to be far too expensive. Some customers find that spending $12.99 per month for the service is too expensive, and are considering the other services that might be offered in place of it on Amazon Video.

I’ve heard Amazon’s prices are so low, they’re being undercut by stores and others. Customers who already subscribe to a number of other services tend to find this issue with pricing especially true, considering how many local grocery and retail stores now offer delivery for a smaller fee.

3. Unnecessary Waste of Cardboard

The company said on Twitter that it would start a program in 2018 to eliminate the cardboard packaging that is shipped to customers and would also be investing in more sustainable packaging.

It seems that Amazon has a lot of trees and uses them to create the packages for its products. This will be of help in reducing the amount of waste that is generated if these packages are recycled.

4. Causes Decreased Sales for Small Businesses

The biggest reason why people hate Amazon is that they are causing small and locally owned businesses to shut down.

People really don’t like Amazon being in the book industry because it’s starting to change the book culture in a very negative way.

While Amazon is not only carrying more products but also has great content to get more foot traffic, niche stores may not be able to compete with them.

5. Amazon Employees Aren’t Treated Well

If you are sick, it can be very difficult to get a hold of your manager in the Amazon office because it can be hard to reach. Not only do they work through shifts, but when the office is so large, they are spread out all over the place.

The conditions of working for Amazon are horrendous. Employees are even not allowed to go to the bathroom, forcing them to relieve themselves in the corner.

Other Amazon employees report that the company will not pay their salaries if they do not log in from home on a certain date. Other employees have been reported to collapse at work while not following these rules.

6. Bad Customer Service Experiences

Amazon’s customer service is very poor! Some customers are experiencing problems with their accounts and Amazon representatives are not answering their phone calls or emails.

As well, customers have reported to us that the representative they spoke to was notorious for being polite and not offering any solutions to their problem.

Customers finally complained when they were told that they couldn’t do anything about the problem they were having.

Now notice that in the paraphrase, the repetition of the first-person pronoun is unnecessary. The repetition does not change the meaning or make the sentence less natural.

In the following example, all of the repetition of the first-person pronoun is unnecessary.

7. Amazon Sellers Are Treated Badly

Many sellers on Amazon have been left with negative reviews on their product pages due to Amazon not allowing buyers to return items and leave feedback. Some buyers have been scammed by other sellers and had no issues with their products, but leave negative reviews because they want to get into the top seller spots.

Unfortunately, the online retailer refuses to remove negative reviews, even if they are irrelevant to the actual experience.

Amazon sellers, and other sellers of all kinds, have been adversely affected by the way Amazon handles its returns policy.

8. They Have a Large Carbon Footprint

People who try to be environmentally conscious believe that Amazon uses a lot of carbon dioxide. However, Amazon makes deliveries so often that they emit a large amount of carbon dioxide.

In 2018, American shoppers bought over $1 trillion worth of goods from Amazon, but Amazon’s delivery trucks are the second highest polluter in the country.

9. Prices are High

While you may be able to find a good deal on Amazon, they usually have higher prices than what you would normally find.

The company has responded to complaints about its pricing practices by promising to change, and this latest move could be seen as a response to the growing consumer backlash.

Customer find the prices are more expensive and long shipping times are not worth paying due to the increase in shipping costs and lack of benefits of free two-day shipping with a Prime membership.

10. Fake Amazon Reviews to Promote Bad Products

I think one of the biggest issues that a customer might have with Amazon is the fact that there could be a lot of fake reviews or bots that leave fake reviews on product pages. They are often set up to promote the seller’s product, especially when it is a low quality product.

These reviews are misleading as they did not provide the proper information so that users could differentiate the good products from the bad ones.

so consumers are wary of buying anything from amazon as they are afraid that they are going to waste their money on something that was poorly reviewed.

11. Disturbing Content and Pop-Ups

When customers order from Amazon they are often surprised by the number of items in their order that are low quality, damaged, or sold by people who are attempting to scam their way into being Amazon representatives.

There is certainly a lot of misinformation, as well as some misinformation that is being used to sell, but at least Amazon is making a move. As of right now, however, the company doesn’t have a very good rep.

A Jewish business owner has been threatened with a lawsuit on an anonymous Facebook account which posted antisemitic and racist slurs against him.

The company also states that it wants to make the shopping experience better for customers in the long term.

To make sure you understand that Amazon is trustworthy, then you might also want to understand if it’s safe to shop on Amazon. After that, you could also want to find out why Amazon delivery is so slow.


The issue above is what makes Amazon one of the most hated companies in the world.

Amazon has been accused of charging too high prices, leaving customers confused by the many alternatives available, shipping delivery times are often delayed, and there are issues with the environment. The website is popular, but some of its customers feel uncomfortable buying from it.

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